Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Love Being An Aunt...

I am the oldest of 3, and my sister and brother are not old enough to be having kids yet (but it will be so darn fun when they are!!!), but I inherited the title of "aunt" when I married my amazing husband! When I first joined the Saline family, I had two nephews, Keagan and Kaleb. In fact, my Mom-In-Law was in Alaska with my Sis-In-Law Shaunalee when Jon proposed because Kaleb had just been born.
Then, about a year and a half ago, my Sis-In-Law Nikki had Collin.

-quick little story about Collin, the other day after Nikki's surprise baby shower (which was a success by the way) I stopped by her house to drop some things off that had been forgotten. Nikki opened the door and Brenden came to the door with Collin in his arms. Collin saw me and reached his arms out to me. I took him from Brenden and he gave me the biggest hug! Both of his arms with wrapped around my shoulders and his head was buried in my neck. Then he gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips (he doesn't know how to kiss anywhere else yet...I love it!) and another big hug! I thought my heart was going to explode! He is so sweet!

Then a year ago (on the 22nd of this month) my other Sis-In-Law Kimbalie had my sweet niece Emerie.
A couple of months after that, Shaunalee had another baby - the cute little Heidi.

Well, last night Nikki had my sixth niece/nephew (they should come up with a word that combines niephew...or nephiece...ok I will have to work on that one...)

Welcome to the world Elle Lane Saline!!!!!

Isn't she absolutely beautiful!?! I haven't met her yet, but I'm already in love with her! She looks so much like Collin! I can't wait to get to know her like I have the rest of my niecephews (no, that doesn't work either).
Congratulations Brenden and Nikki!!!!!

Since I'm talking about my nieces and nephews (I gave up on combining the words...for now...) I had to post this picture of Emerie. I am so blessed to be able to babysit her on Tuesdays, and yesterday I was trying to catch her doing this face that she does where she grins and scrunches up her nose and her head and it so so cute...but she stopped doing it every time I aimed the camera at her....but I caught this face and it was priceless!

I love being an Aunt and I can't wait until Laney Bug and Tanner Man are old enough to have some little ones too (Ok...I can wait you guys....I can wait a long, long time! hee hee hee)

PS - I have some really great videos to is a teaser: Freezing cold water, sweat pants, and a I have your attention??