Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to Snowflake

This past Friday and Saturday we officially moved to Snowflake. Dad Saline and Jon's cousin Michael were nice enough to bring down a giant horse trailer and they helped us load our wall-o-boxes (which had grown quite a bit since my last post) and all of our furniture. It was a big job! In fact, Michael's mom Beth, his sister LaRee and her boyfriend all came over with their trucks to help us load some stuff! It was so nice of them to take the time to do that!

On Saturday morning, we got up and unloaded everything. This went way faster! My Mommy and Daddy were there too and we were able to unload in just about two hours! Then Mommy and Daddy and my sister Buggy Butt (Laney) helped us start the unpacking process. Phew!

I actually enjoy the unpacking part. It's fun to find new places for things, and it gives me a chance to re-organize my life. A perfect way to start a big change in our lives.

Jon's first day at his new job at the Taylor Law Offices (working as an actual attorney!!) yesterday, and he really enjoyed it! And I begin my new job at the Carriage House next Tuesday. I have worked there before - a few years ago - and it will be fun to be back.

Oh - let me tell you a little bit about our house! It is an actual house! We have lived in an actual house on campus, but it still felt like an apartment because of the way the community is set up. This is an actual house in a neighborhood with people who are established, with new families...it's just a "normal" neighborhood instead of such a temporary neighborhood. Does that make sense?

We have 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a huge backyard with grass and a sprinkler system - and our fridge has an ice/water dispenser on the door!!!! It even does crushed ice!!! Wow!!

We are so excited about the new chapter in our lives!

I will post pictures of our house and stuff when we get unpacked....right now it's just boxes everywhere! :-)