Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baseball and Dog Diapers

Yesterday Jon took me on a tour of Chase Field (or, as I like to call it, the baseball field formerly known as Bank One Ball Park - aka - BOB) Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks!  His Private Property Law Professor was one of the lead attorneys when they were trying to get the land for the park, so he has some pull when it comes to getting stuff.......
He arranges a tour for his students and their families every year - so Jon took me.
It was so neat to see all the ins and outs of what goes on there - how things are run, where they hide offices and things, and what the "rich fans" get to do and see.
Below you will see the championship ring and the world series trophy. They come from Tiffany's - I thought that was exciting because I knew what Tiffany's was and so I could pick it out of a bunch of baseball terms.

Then we saw the pool. I sat next to the pool (in those seats you can see in the picture) in high school when our senior class got to go to a game. It is is neat because when the D-Backs score a home run, giant pillars of water shoot up and it all lands in the pool. This is a great picture of the pool, and Jon was very proud of it.....he is so talented!!
Here is the view of the field from one of those expensive and super nice and super ritzy party suites. It's a pretty darn good view and the suite is pretty darn nice - catered and full of marble and flat screens......
This is the view from the media lounge, room, place......where the news people sit in order to see what is going down on the field.
This is the view from the Diamondbacks' dugout! 
Here is Jon in the dugout! 
Here I am sitting right on the D-Backs' ergonomically correct bench! Can you believe Luis Gonzalez (a huge high school crush of mine) sat on this very bench!?!?!
Here we are being very excited!!
We got to see background rooms and all sorts of different views of the field. The entire time I kept thinking that my Papa (my dad's dad) would have loved to be there! He played in the Minors and has always had a passion for baseball. He has loved the D-Backs since they were first invented! He loves to watch them on TV and yell at the coach because he is sure he would do a better job! Hee hee hee!

In other news, Molly is in heat. Yes, we are bad pet owners and have not gotten our pet spay or neutered (sorry Bob Barker), so she is pretty gross right now.
We went to Pet Smart and got her a little re-usable diaper and some little puppy maxi-pads. They work really well, but Molly hates them!! She is so embarrassed when we put it on her! He hides in the back rooms or under the furniture and won't come out for anything! We have tried to get her out with treats and everything, but she has no interest in anything when she has that thing on. We feel so bad for her. She waddles around the house looking so ashamed. Poor little girl!
Here is a picture of her little diaper on her hiney.
Here she is hiding her face from the camera
She finally looked up, but as you can see, she is not happy about it!

My poor little girl.....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Viva Loco - Crazy Life!!

It has been a million years since my last post (at least that is what it feels like) and things have been crazy!
Here is a quick little update of what is new in our lives and what is making things so crazy!
(it will be pretty darn quick cuz I am at work, so.......I have to post while my boss isn't here.......evil laugh)
Well, things at my regular job have been really busy - and getting worse! Not only is it the end of the school year, so everything is wrapping up and getting ready for graduation and kids moving on to the next grade, and getting things set up for next year while still trying to keep this year functioning - they have been doing some mean things as far as budgets go to schools. You all know that our lovely state government is cutting out our funding SUBSTANTIALLY!! This means that we, along with all of the other schools in the state, are forced to cut back on employees and other things that are essential to a smoothly functioning school. This makes more work for those of us who are still around (don't get me wrong, I am more than grateful to still be around, it is just getting really busy 'round these parts!)
After the 8 hours spent at my regular job I head off to cheer practice. Some of you may remember my post about cheer a few weeks ago. At that point I had 7 or 8 girls - we were small, but peppy. Now we have grown to have 16 girls and 2 boys!! And we are still peppy!! We are huge, but they are really good! The problem is that they are also really chatty. I am having to work on being a little tough in order to keep them focused!
Still, the team is awesome and they are really working hard - - GO STALLIONS!
After work I head to my casa where I start making dinner - then Jon comes home and we eat and right after that, Jon heads off to the library where he lives until midnight when they close.
During this time, I work on Mary Kay stuff - either making phone calls, going to meetings, or just trying to learn the stuff!
Finally I fall asleep on the couch around 11:00pm (ok, sometimes it is more like 10:00pm, but it feels a lot later!) and Jon comes home and moves in to the bed.............
And before I know it, the alarm is going off again and it starts all over again!!
So that is (briefly) why I am a bad blogger lately!
Give me a couple weeks for things to start settling down and I promise to come back to my fun blogging friends!
I miss you guys!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mary Kay

That's right - you are looking at Mary Kay's newest consultant! I will be getting my "starter kit" in the next couple of days and then I am going to be "thinking pink"
Now, I am not really sure that I am the saleswoman type, but I am really excited to get started. I really love this company because it is more than just make-up.
Mary Kay is all about women. It's all about empowering women and helping women become better. Mary Kay also gives major funding to Breast Cancer awareness and ending domestic violence. 
I went to a meeting on Wednesday and it was incredible! My sweet friend Brooke came with me and we both got facials in order to train the other consultants. That was really nice!
The ladies there were fantastic! Everyone was so encouraging and they were all about lifting each other up and helping each other do and be better! I loved the atmosphere!
I am also excited to sell Mary Kay to help bring in some extra income. Maybe some date money, maybe some "pay the bills" money, maybe some shopping money, and eventually, maybe some big money!! 
So - for those of you who are interested in Mary Kay make-up - let me know!! Feel free to contact me at msaline@marykay.com or at malorisaline@gmail.com. I am also planning on having a party soon so I will keep you updated!!
This is really going to be a great blessing in our lives and I am so excited about it!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I read this article by Orson Scott Card (My FAVORITE author of all time!!) and I really enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy it too!

Are New 'Puritans' Gaining?
by Orson Scott Card

It was interesting to see how many American religions had lost ground in the past two decades, according to the American Religious Identification Survey.

With all our missionary work, we Latter-day Saints merely managed to keep pace with population growth in America, remaining at a steady 1.4 percent of the population. In fact, Mormons were the only group to show no change at all, relative to the America as a whole. We're swimming as fast as we can -- just to stay in place.

The two groups that showed the largest growth in numbers -- by far -- were "no religion" and "don't know/refused."

The report in USA Today on March 9 thought this meant that America is becoming "less religious."

I don't think so. I think that hiding within those "no religion" and "don't know/refused" categories we can see the growth of a powerful new religion.

A fanatical religion -- one that does not proselytize so much as insist that it is already the established church, to which all others must bow and make way.

It is a religion at war with all others, confident of victory, contemptuous of any church that does not fight them, savage against any that shows a sign of resistance.

Its adherents feel themselves to have risen so far above all other faiths that they claim they are not a religion at all -- they are post-religious. Therefore the rules that govern the behavior of other religions in a multifaith society do not apply to them.

They refuse to admit that they even exist. Instead, they claim to believe in "science," though they have no idea what the methodology of good science is, and reject the findings of science when they contradict treasured dogmas.

Having no authoritative group to define their ideology, they embrace opposite and contradictory dogmas and simultaneously believe in all.

Their doctrines spread like dandelion seeds on the wind, taking root wherever there is empty ground.

Has there ever been such a religious movement as this before?

A very good example is Puritanism in the 16th and 17th centuries.

There was no "church" of Puritanism. They were led by orators and pamphleteers, poets (John Milton was one) and politicians (most notably the dictator Oliver Cromwell).

In Shakespeare's day they were a constant annoyance to those committed to putting on his wicked, worldly plays, for the Puritans always had the aim of using the power of the state to enforce their ideas of strict Christianity.

And when they finally seized power after the execution of King Charles I, they set about remaking society as they believed it ought to be. Gone were frivolous holidays like Christmas; gone any decorations in the churches; gone, too, the plays that had once distracted idle people from their labor and worship.

Having once been themselves dissenters, they allowed no right of dissent to others. They had power, and knew that they deserved it.

In America, the Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded by Puritans, and they were determined to hold sway in New England -- and everywhere else, if they could manage it.

Puritanism insisted on its exclusive right to prescribe the behavior and thoughts of all, until, after the death of Oliver Cromwell, the groaning people embraced the return of the monarchy.

Throughout the history of the movement, it had no hierarchy, no organization, and in some senses could be said never to have existed at all. When it fell from power, Puritanism quickly evaporated -- as if it had never existed at all.

No one wanted to claim responsibility for the excesses of Puritanism. It had functioned like bees, swarming and stinging in relentless pursuit of their enemies, but when finally defeated, dispersing and going about their innocent business, flower by flower.

The astonishing thing was that active Puritans were never very numerous. But few dared to argue against them, so they carried the day as if their numbers were far greater than they really were.

Today, the New Puritans embrace a hodgepodge of dogmas drawn from feminism, environmentalism, gay activism and militant atheism.

They bristle at the slightest sign of Christians laying hold on the machinery of the state -- while having no compunction about using the power of the state to establish their own dogmas in the schools and in the courts.

Believing in no god, they have no law to check them; whatever they think to do, they will try to do, and their fury when they are resisted knows no restraint.

Yet when you ask them why their vision of the public good is better than any other, they have no reasons. They can produce no viable evidence of superiority.

They gesture toward "science" as their authority, but refuse to allow anyone to conduct or report research that might contradict their absurdest claims.

They strike down old laws and institutions without regard for the cost. Where they have prevailed, only misery follows; but they are sure that the misery they caused can only be treated by enacting even more extreme measures along the same failed lines.

The New Puritans are the fastest growing sect in America, but they are still a minority. This does not bother them; they care nothing for democracy or majority rule.

The New Puritans insist that their opponents' very status as believers in God disqualifies them from the right to advance their ideas by democratic means.

They largely control the bar associations, the faculties of universities, the national media, the entertainment industry, and judges routinely strike down laws that offend the dogmas of the New Puritans.

And yet they are the majority almost nowhere. They prevail because they have no restraints -- their attack on their enemies is instant and savage, and ordinary people, wishing only to be left alone, keep their heads down and try to stay out of the way.Except a few. We hold up our hands and speak of democracy, of tradition, of the need to know where we're going before we race there. We speak of evidence and logic, and we are answered, not with argument, but with screaming; for asking questions or contributing money to a cause, we are threatened with boycott, fired from jobs, denied tenure.

Here is the great advantage of the New Puritans. Because they have no organization, their numbers can never be measured. They claim to speak for "all intelligent people," and the very claim pressures anyone who wishes to be thought "intelligent" into silence.

With all the mercy and reason of the Taliban whenever they get any kind of authority, their revolution is already almost complete; their hands control most of the switches of the machinery of the state.

Meanwhile, they excoriate all religions as responsible for every crime in history, never noticing that the worst moral excesses of all time -- the mass-murdering rulers of Nazi, Fascist, and Communist states -- were all converts to and adherents of "post-religious" ideologies.

Their only authority is their own will to rule over the minds and acts of others. It will never be satisfied; every victory only makes them hungry to rule more closely and punish more savagely those who are not sufficiently pure.

If sometimes our 1.4 percent seems to be very, very small, an archipelago of tiny islands, let us remember that most people subject to the rule of the New Puritans hate it, and only go along when no one else is willing to stand against it.

We, however, stand even when we stand alone, because God has said, "You shall ever open your mouth in my cause, not fearing what man can do, for I am with you. Amen" (Doctrine and Covenants 30:11).