Thursday, February 21, 2013

Aven is Here!!

Aven Grey Saline entered the world on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 10:08pm. She was 6 pounds, 2 ounces and 20 inches long. I had had high blood pressure, and so I was put on bed rest for almost a week. On the 11th, I had a doctor's appointment just to check on my blood pressure. They had said that I wouldn't even have a pelvic exam, I would just have my blood pressure checked, and they might send me in to induce me that Thursday if things didn't improve. I didn't even bother to shave my legs because it was just a blood pressure check!! In fact, I considered trying to reschedule my appointment because there was a HUGE blizzard!! I did not want to have to drive to Show Low in the snow just for my blood pressure! Well, I made it to the doctor's office (it was pretty scary because the roads were icy and I drive a mini cooper) and my blood pressure was worse than it had been the week before. They decided to do a pelvic exam and I was dilated to 3cm and 90% effaced. Because of that, and my high blood pressure, they told me to just go straight to the hospital where they were going to induce me. WHAT!? I was so not ready for that! Jon was at work in Holbrook, so I called his office and he assured me that he was on his way - but I was really worried because the snow was just getting heavier and heavier. Well, they got me signed in and in a room...and i was really nervous - I didn't know what to expect! Meanwhile I watched as the snow just got heavier and heavier....I couldn't see the trees outside of my window....and I was really worried that Jon would not be able to get there! But, much to my relief, Jon made it safe and sound. Phew! Now I was worried that my family wouldn't be able to make it! They had to drive through Flagstaff! Ugh! They started the pitocin and told me that it may take 24 hours or longer to actually have the baby, but since I was already dilated and having contractions on my own, it may be a shorter amount of time. Once the pitocin kicked in, the contractions got pretty hard and pretty fast. Each time a new contraction started I would tell Jon, "I don't want to do it again!" I got dilated to 5cm and decided that I was going to get the epidural. I probably could have handled the pain longer, but the nurses and doctor were really pushing for me to get the epidural because the harder my contractions got, the higher my blood pressure got and they were worried about that. So between Jon and the nurses and I, we decided that it was time. I didn't particularly like the way the epidural felt - my lower half felt so heavy and tingly - and it was inconvenient because they had to keep turning me because Aven's heart rate would dip, but I was really grateful for the break! I could only feel a small pressure when I had a contraction. This went on for a few more hours, and soon I was dilated to 7cm. At this point the doctor came in an broke my water - and she, left the hospital!! She assured the nurse that she would only be 15 minutes away, even with the snow. After they broke my water, I began to feel the contractions again. I was feeling the pain and a lot of pressure. They tried having me push the "epidural button" a couple of times, but it didn't do a single thing to take away the pain, in fact, they seemed to get worse! They checked me again and I was all the way dilated and completely thinnned out and ready to have a baby. The anesthesiologist who gave me the epidural was the only one in the entire hospital because the other two had to call in because they were trapped in the snow. They said they would try to call him, but that I would probably have the baby before he got up to my room. The doctor was called, and soon it was time to push! I could literally feel EVERYTHING! I am sure the epidural was completely worn off, because there was not a single sensation that I missed out on.....ugh!! But I only had to push for about 40 minutes and then I could hear Aven's cry and soon she was on my chest! At that moment it didn't matter how badly it had hurt, or how exhausted I was - she was here and she was absolutely perfect!! She didn't even look all smooshed and smashed like some babies look when they are very first born, and her head was completely round! Of course Jon and I were in love immediately! We spent the next couple of days in the hospital. We had to stay a day extra because Aven was having a hard time getting the hang of breast feeding. Since we got home we have just been loving our time with Aven. My mom and sister were here for a week and they were so much help!! I was a little bit nervous to leave the hospital were there were professionals ready to swoop in at the push of a button and help with anything, but my mom calmed me as soon as we got home. So here are a bunch of pictures we have taken since Aven has been here. They aren't in order.... Aven is already a daddy's girl. If she is upset about anything Jon just has to talk to her and hold her hand and everything is ok. I love watching the two of them together! When she was first born, he started talking to her and she looked around to find him because she could recognize his voice. I just love having her here!! She is an absolute dream come true and I am just so overwhelmed by how much I love her and how grateful I am for her!!!!!!!