Monday, June 18, 2012

Please Help My Dear Friend

I have been a little MIA in the blogging scene for a while now, mainly because Jon and I are insanely busy, but kind of boring.... But something very important has come up that has pushed me to write a new post. Most of my readers know my dear friend Laurie Evans - and if you are from the amazing Evergreen Ward, you probably already follow Laurie's blog - so you know how incredibly hilarious, selfless, and strong she is. You also know her story. For those of you who don't know my friend Laurie, let me tell you a little, tiny bit about her: Laurie grew up in Taylor and Jon was great friends with her brother and spent a lot of time with the Evans Family. I met her when Jon and I were first married and Laurie happened to be in our first ward. I hadn't been in a new ward in like 10+ years, and I was on my own in Relief Society, so I was kind of nervous, and Laurie immediately introduced herself and invited me to sit with her. From that point on, I tried to find a seat next to Laurie because she is the best person to sit next to in Relief Society!! She is so hilarious!!! She whispers things throughout the lesson and makes it kind of difficult to be reverent the entire time. But on the other hand, Laurie has the best insights. When she raises her hand, you know she is going to share something so incredible and you are going to be blown away by how close she is to the spirit. Laurie is so selfless, so kind and giving, and so strong. I could go on and on about this awesome girl!!! Laurie also has cancer. She has been struggling with it for some time now, and believe me, it has been a struggle. It seems that the cancer has now decided to "play dirty" (her words), and Laurie has to undergo a very serious surgery this next Thursday. She is going to have to take some unpaid time of off work, and is concerned about making ends meet while she is trying to recover as she has spent all of her savings on medical bills. So, I am here to ask those of you who can, to help her out. There is an account set up in her name at Wells Fargo, and all you have to do is tell them her name and that she is from Mesa, and you can deposit as much money as you want to. It goes in anonymously, and every little bit will help. Laurie shouldn't have to worry about finances while she is trying to get better.... We should help her if we can, and if we can't help her financially, we should keep Laurie in our prayers. Check out her entire story on her blog (it's on my blog list), I promise you will laugh and cry!! She is a very talented writer! I love you Laurie. We are all pulling for you!!