The Tasty Club

If you don't remember the story of the Tasty Club, allow me to share it with you.

When I was little, I was a very picky eater (I know, some of you are saying "when she was little? Not much has changed, but trust me, I am way better now!) so my dad used to tell my sister, brother and I that if we tasted a new food, we would be a part of the "Tasty Club", and if we didn't taste it, we wouldn't be in it.

Now, we were alway on board to try something when he brought this up because there was no way we were going to kicked out of this exclusive club!

It wasn't until I was much older that I realized, the only members of the Tasty Club were my sister, brother and I! My dad had made up the whole thing!! Sneaky!

Well, I still love the idea of the Tasty Club and now I want it to grow into an actual club, with all of you as it's members!

I am going to use this page to share the new foods I try, recipes I like, or fun food ideas. I would also love to share your fun food stories. Please email them to me at or just leave them in the comments!!!

This is going to be so darn fun!!! Bon Appetite!!

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