Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Thoughts...

This Christmas just sneaked up on me this year, so I have had a hard time - between school, Jon's job, trying to get things ready for Christmas, and other busy things - really getting in to the Christmas spirit. But, for the past couple of days, now that (most of) my shopping is finished, wrapped, and ready and I am finished with this semester of school, I have been able to really focus on Christmas and I have had some thoughts - so I am going to share them with you now:

1) I'm gonna start off a little bit serious. I was able to go to Young Womens in my mom's ward this past Sunday (she is a Mia Maids advisor) and the YW President was in charge of the combined lesson. She is an incredible woman and she had gone in early and decorated the room with a beautiful nativity, some incredible lights and some other things that invited a sense of reverence right when you walked in. We started by watching the Nativity movie by the church. Afterward everyone was able to share their testimonies about the season in a special way and it was a really touching lesson. But, I thought of something that I had never really thought about before - Joseph. I was thinking about how much he must have loved Mary. I mean, imagine being told that your girlfriend was pregnant and it wasn't your baby, but you had to raise it as your own (ok, it was the Son of God - so that probably helped, but still...). Then, when she is about to give birth he can't even find her a decent room and he has to take her to a barn to have her baby. I know that it would be devastating for Jon if he couldn't do better then a barn for me to even just spend the night, let alone have a baby! During the Nativity video, I couldn't help but think about Jon and how much he loves me. Then I couldn't help but thing about my daddy and how much he loves my mommy (and me) - and I just thought about how lucky I am to have such incredible men in my life and for Joseph who took care of the Savior.

2) I love my Savior and I never get tired of hearing the Christmas story. I am so grateful for His birth and His life! I am so grateful to be able to reflect on that during this season.

3) On a lighter note - I have decided that nothing is fattening during this holiday season....yes, that means I might gain a few pounds, but I am determined to enjoy every moment of this holiday season, and that includes not stressing out about how fattening things are. Don't worry, I'm not going to gorge myself, but I'm not going to worry about it. There is just a few days before I get to start my New Year's Resolutions which include weight loss (don't worry, I will post about all of my resolutions when it is closer to Christmas) so I am just going to enjoy the fudge, cookies, and candy canes.

4) I have an incredible family! I am so grateful to them for everything that they do for Jon and me. Both sides of our families go out of their way to help us when we need it, and to encourage us and cheer on our successes! I love that they get excited to see us - it always makes me feel so special and I hope they know how much I love them! I am so excited to be able to spend so much time with them during this season!

5) Christmas trees are beautiful! I love my Christmas tree, I love my mom's Christmas tree, my mom-in-law's tree is beautiful every year, my Grams and Granny have really fantastic trees - - and I love seeing them in stores and outside! Christmas trees really bring in the season!

Well, those are my only thoughts for now...but I very well might have some more before Christmas....but I thought I would share what I have been thinking so far!

I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas Week!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm Thankful For....

I have so many things to be thankful for this Thankgiving season. SO many things! I truly am incredibly blessed - but sometimes don't we all need a season like this to help us remember how blessed we truly are?
Here are a few things I am thankful for (these are in no particular order):

Even though I said that these are in to particular order, when I think of things I am thankful for, my amazing husband is always the first thing I think of. I am so lucky to have met him, to have fallen in love with him, to have him fall in love with me, and to be married to him for time and eternity. He is my very best friend. Thank you for being mine honey!

Well, the next thing that comes to my mind is my family. I have incredible parents who have always loved me and supported me no matter what. I have a fantastic brother and sister who make me laugh all the time (love you guys!). And I have wonderful in-laws! Not many people can say that they actually like their in-laws, but I am happy to say that I love mine - brothers, sisters and parents-in-law! Not to mention my sweet little nieces and nephews and cousins who I am in love with!

Of course my family overlaps into this section. I have so many great friends. Whether I have known you 10 years or whether we just met, thank you for being my friend. Please know that I love you!

**Work & School**
I love being back in school (even though I sometimes complain about math) and I wouldn't be able to be back in school if it weren't for Jon working so hard at his new job. While we sometimes struggle financially, we are able to keep a'float because Jon works his hiney off! We recognize how blessed we are to have a job, especially during the holiday season!

**The Church**
I can't imagine my life without without the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I came way to close to finding out during my dating days when I pretty seriously dated a guy who was not a member of the church. Now I look back and I am grateful every day that I chose not to continue that relationship - my life would have been so much different, and not different in a good way. This wraps back around to how grateful I am for Jon! He has such a strong testimony!

**White Fudge Oreos**
More popularly known as "Christmas Oreos" at my house. These Oreos only come out around the holiday season and they bring happiness wherever they go. Tis the season when the Christmas Oreos come out!

**Sweater Season**
It's finally chilly outside and I can start breaking out my sweaters! "It's the most wonderful time of the year"

I'm not just talking about the talents that I have - though I am grateful for the talents that I have - but I am also talking about the talents of people around me! I love being inspired by what everyone around me is able to do! Thank you for sharing your talents with me! I hope I am sharing mine with you!

**The Thanksgiving Parade**
I love Thanksgiving! I love the food, the family time, and I love, love the parade!!! It is without a doubt my favorite parade of the entire year (that includes the Rose Bowl, which I also love)! I hope to one day actually be in New York for the parade, but for now I am more then content to sit on a warm couch with the smell of a cooking turkey wafting through the house and hot chocolate in my hand......aaaaahhh......And then Santa comes down the parade route and brings with him the Christmas Season!!! Woo Hoo!!

I love blogs! I love being able to keep up with everything that my friends are up to through blogs. It's hard sometimes to keep in touch with friends you move away from, but through blogs I have been able to keep friendships that are very dear to me. What a brilliant invention!

Oh my goodness, I have a million more things I could add to this list, and maybe I will before Thanksgiving is over, but for now I need to make some pies for Thanksgiving - it's tomorrow ya know!

Happy, Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Grand Theft Auto? Me?

Let me tell you what happened on Thursday night:

6:15pm - Ran around trying to pick up the house because Jon's parents were planning on coming to stay with us.

6:30pm - Left for class (public speaking)

7:00pm - Arrive at CGCC

7:05pm - Get a Diet Dr. Pepper from the machine that has a place where you can swipe a card. You don't even need cash!

7:10pm - Public Speaking begins, complete with impromptu speeches. I was glad I wore make up.

9:35pm - Finish my quiz and get to leave class early. Yipee!!

9:40pm - Talk to Jon and find out that neither of us have eaten. Decide to stop at Subway

9:50pm - Have my yummy sub sandwich in hand. Walk out to the car. Realize I locked the keys in the car. Call Jon to rescue me.

10:00pm - I'm freezing! Jon shows up with a wire hanger and together we start trying to unlock the car.

NOTE:: Here it is important to mention that we are in a crowded parking lot. There are people everywhere. And the car is right under a street light. Everyone can see us. And, the car that is locked is not a very fancy car - at least, all around us there are way fancier cars.

10:30pm - Suddenly two police cars pull up from either side of the parking lot and park around us to block us in - light blazing. I wave at them. An officer gets out of the car, shines his flashlight on us, and explains that he had gotten a call that someone was breaking into a car.

10:35pm - We explain that we just locked the keys in the car, and it is confirmed that we would be the worst car thieves ever because not only is it a poor environment for car stealing, we are really having major troubles getting this car unlocked. The police officer tells the other officer that he can leave.

10:45pm - Jon's parents arrive at our house and sit outside until we call them and tell them that the door to the house is unlocked (in anticipation of their arrival) so they can go in and go to bed.

11:00pm - Between Jon, the Officer and Me we still haven't had any luck, and we have tried all sorts of tricks! It is getting pretty cold. I find a Superman hoodie in the trunk of the other car.

11:45pm - A Good Samaritan comes out of Native New Yorker and explains that he is a member of the "anti-theft association of America" (or something like that......) so he knows all the tricks. He pulls out some tools and all 3 guys get to work.

11:55pm - They are able to pry the door open wide enough for Jon to hook the keys (which were sitting right on the passenger seat) and pull them out. Door is unlocked! Hurray!!

12:00pm - I say thank you to these nice guys who spent their time helping us. I drive our car while Jon drives the car that got locked.

12:10pm - I am finally home (finally went to the bathroom, I had to go really bad the whole time - probably TMI, but it's true) and I'm waiting for Jon.

12:20pm - Jon comes in the back door and tells me that the car he was driving is stuck at the mailboxes (around the block) because he went to check the mail on his way home. We get back in the car and head to the mailboxes.

12:25pm - Jump the car.

12:30pm - We are both home. Jon's parents are in bed. We finally we get to enjoy our delicious sub sandwich. Yes, it was a little soggy and less toasty then it would have been had we eaten it at 9:45pm, but after all of that work, it was a really great sandwich!

12:45pm - Bedtime!

I am so grateful for a wonderful husband who is willing to come and rescue me (and not even get upset with me for absentmindedly leaving the keys in the car), for a nice police officer who stayed with us until we had gotten the keys, and for a good samaritan who was willing to postpone his bedtime to help us out.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Malori Reviews All Sorts of Stuff

WARNING - this post is going to be very long. I had a lot of reviews to catch up on, and now that I have figured out my picture problem, I am excited to post about them. Feel free to stop reading at time.

My little sister got a pair of Toms shoes when she was in Florida. She told me all about them on the phone and when she came back to Arizona, she showed them to me, and let me borrow them - and they are seriously the most comfortable shoes ever!!! So, I finally was able to get a pair a while ago, and I am so happy - I wear them practically every day!
These shoes sort of mold to your feet and it feels like you are wearing comfortable slippers everywhere you go - but they are cute too! Bonus!
But wait, there's more!
For every pair of shoes sold, Toms gives a pair of shoes to children in Africa who need them. Their motto is "one for one" - one pair of shoes sold equals one pair of shoes given.
The children's lives are blessed so much by these shoes. Not only are their feet protected from cuts and scratches that can get dirt in them and get infected, but the schools there require that the children wear shoes, and if they don't have them, they can't attend. Simply by giving them a pair of shoes, they are able to have protection and have a better chance at getting educated. It's a really great cause.
There are so many different styles of Toms. Mine are "slate" - just a sort of chalkboard black color because I wanted them to be able to match most of my clothes - but they have everything from burlap to glitter!
You seriously need to check them out - you will not regret it! Just visit

Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix. Need I say more? This is like a party in a box! Without a doubt my favorite kind of cake is funfetti cake. When I was growing up I always said that I wanted my wedding cake to be made out of funfetti cake, so, my wonderful little sis who made my beautiful cake made the top layer funfetti for me!
Everytime I make a funfetti cake I get so excited! All of the great colors spread throughout makes me feel like I am celebrating even when I am eating it alone in my house on a typical Wednesday afternoon.
The cool thing is that the colors never run together to make a giant greenish looking blob in your cake like you would expect it to - each little sprinkle maintains it's individual color while still getting soft inside so you don't feel like you are eating a crunchy cake.
AND...this cake tastes like regular white cake - which happens to be my 2nd favorite kind of cake right after funfetti cake!
How could this get any better? Well let me tell you - Funfetti Frosting!

You still reading??

I have had a facebook account for a long time now, but have only been an addict since we moved in to this new house on campus and have the free internet. Before that, I thought that facebook was kind of a nuisance. Why would people spend so much time checking it? Why would people want to publicize everything that they do all day every day?
Since then my feeling have changed. Sure, I still feel like I am sometimes wasting my time when I sit in front of it re-clicking the "home" button to see if anybody has said anything new in the past 10 seconds, but I really see the value of facebook now.
I am a social person. I really like people. I like to think that I make friends pretty easily, and I like to keep up with the friends that I have. I am not, however, a person with a lot of time on her hands (I know that's hard to believe after I admit to re-clicking the "home" button over and over again). This is also the case for a lot of my friends.
I love being able to get on facebook and see what everyone is up to - look at pictures of their families, read about what is going on in their lives, and see what they are interested in now-a-days. I feel like even though I am far away from some of them, I am still able to celebrate successes with them, or lend support when they need it, and I feel that reciprocated.
Facebook also allows me to socialize on my own time. This means that I don't have to try and set up a schedule with other people - I can get on in the middle of the night and post and comment and you can get on whenever you have time and post and respond.
How convenient!
Now, a lot of people have really compelling arguments as to why facebook isn't a good thing - and I have to say that I agree with some of the points - but, I really like facebook and I plan to continue using facebook, and if you are on facebook and we aren't friends - find me!

My family told me about this show called "Eureka" on the SyFy Channel, so when I found the first season on my handy-dandy instant Netflix (seriously, how did I live without this??) I decided to check it out.
What can I say? This show is so fun! It is about a town called Eureka that was set up by the government to house all of these really brilliant people - like super-genius type people. Well, they bring in this sheriff who is really good at his job, and chock-full of common sense and street smarts, but he is certainly no genius. So he and his daughter are trying to live in this town and he is trying to take care of all of these problems that come up from different experiments and other things that go on in the town.
It may sound kinda lame when I just tell you about it like that, but trust me, it is not lame! This show is good clean fun. It never really gets to heavy, it never gets dirty or has bad language - it's just a really fun show. And, the sheriff is a really great character - charismatic, handsome, clever - in a way he sort of reminds me of Captain Mal for you fellow Browcoats out there.
If you get some time and are looking for a fun family show to check out - give this one a shot. It is certainly on my list of favorite shows - right up there with "Firefly" and "LOST"

If you are still reading, I'm impressed!

Just because I didn't post about the election before it happened doesn't mean you are getting off so easily. Of course I have to put in my two-cents about how I feel about the election....but don't worry, I will be incredibly brief.
Basically, I am very proud of our country for taking a stand against a government that had stopped listening to it's people. Hopefully this will give our voices a chance to be heard.
I was a little bit irritated at Mr. Obama when he gave his post-election speech in that he simply would not admit that the people were speaking out against his policies over the past 2 years, but maybe the new direction the House has taken will help convince him of that.
I was excited to see Jan Brewer win. Do I think she is a perfect candidate? No. But who is? She has a lot of rough edges that could use a little bit of smoothing - but the fact of the matter is that she has taken this immigration issue to a whole new level and it has become a personal fight for her. I think that is important in this critical time for our state as we watch while our federal government sues our state government. We need someone who is going to stand her ground, and as it has become a personal fight for her, I believe that she is the one who can do it.
And finally I just want to applaud our state for voting down medical marijuana. Good for us!

Another fun little thing my little sis and little bro introduced me to is "Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog". With the help of Netflix I was able to watch this fun little internet show starring Neil Patrick Harris and (our own Captain Mal) Nathan Fillion. Neil Patrick Harris plays Dr. Horrible, a not-so-bad villain who is desperate to make his mark on the world. Nathan Fillion plays the egotistical Captain Hammer, the "hero" who is Dr. Horrible's nemesis.
The music is great and the whole thing is completely hilarious!


It was completely hilarious until the end - I could not believe that they just killed Penny like that! Here I was enjoying this sort-of light-hearted sing-a-long (a lot of hyphens in that last sentence huh?) and then WHAM! out-of-the-blue Penny has this shard of death ray sticking out of her chest! I was so not ready for that!


It was a good time. I suggest you watch it, I liked it. Of course I like anything with Nathan Fillion in it, and when you add the talented Neil Patrick Harris, I am a fan!

I love Diet Dr. Pepper. I know it's not good for me. I know the caffeine is bad and I know that just because it is "diet" doesn't mean that it is any better for me - in fact it's worse.
I like the way diet tastes. I really enjoy a Diet Dr. Pepper, and I will continue to enjoy Diet Dr. Pepper - at least for the rest of 2010.
I am contemplating making it a New Years Resolution to stop drinking it - but I don't know if I'm ready for that yet.
I just really, really like it.
I'll keep you posted on my New Years decision.

Whoa, you're still with me? You must be dedicated!

Last, but certainly not least, Beauty and the Beast Diamond Edition came out recently. You can bet that I pre-ordered mine at the Disney Store, so I now own a shiny, new, blu ray copy of Beauty and Beast, and let me tell you, it makes a huge difference!
You see, Beauty and the Beast has always been my all-time favorite Disney cartoon of all time, ever! I love it so much that I can literally quote every word through the entire movie (yup, that gets annoying really quick, so I try to only do it if I am watching it alone - but I can't help singing the songs no matter who is around) and I always said that I was Belle when we were talking about who was which princess.
I have the VHS version in my closet right now, and I am here to tell you that blu ray makes a HUGE difference! The movie is so bright, so clear, and so vivid! They took some of the pictures and cut them out so there is more dimension to the movie, and they even added some animation and computer stuff (like really great rain in the scene where Gaston and the Beast are fighting on the roof) to enhance the experience!
Basically, it is AMAZING!!!! I love every darn minute of it!
Please watch the new Diamond Edition of Beauty and the Beast, and if you can't get your hands on it, please feel free to come over to my house and watch it with me - I am happy to watch it as many times as I need to! (Just don't get annoyed if I sing along to the songs!)

You finally made it to the end!! Thanks for reading this entire thing! Now, let me know what you think about these fun topics!

Monday, November 8, 2010


It has been 2 months to the day since I posted. I promise we didn't fall off the face of the earth. We have actually done some pretty fun things, the problem is that I have forgotten to bring my camera to those fun things and haven't remembered to remind my mom to send me pictures of some of the fun things, so I have been trying to wait until I had pictures. But, it's almost Thanksgiving, meaning more holiday things are going to happen, so I need to post about these fun things before it's too late!

So, let me start out with our most exciting news: JON PASSED THE BAR EXAM!!!!! Yay!!!! He found out at the beginning of October. He saw it posted on the internet and he called me from work with the news - and I cried because I was so proud of him and just so happy! It was great because, for those of you who know Jon, he is very humble about things. He doesn't like to toot his own horn and he tries to play down his accomplishments, but you could see the pride and excitement in his eyes when he got home and was telling me all about it! I could not be more happy for my genius husband!

Oh yeah, he also got a job! It's a law clerk position until all of his paperwork goes through for him to be admitted to the Arizona Bar and become an actual attorney. It's with a big firm in Phoenix so it's pretty fancy. And, it's really nice to have a job - after living for even just a couple of months without one, we recognize what a blessing it is! The down side is that it is a pretty long commute (a little over an hour both ways in rush hour traffic) and some of the people above him are a little difficult - but Jon is such a nice and easy-going guy, it is really hard not to get along with him. He is really learning a lot about the kind of law he is working on and he is gaining a lot of experience - and bringing home a paycheck - so we are really content right now.

I have been going to school. Sometimes I complain (about one class in particular) but the truth is that I am loving being back in school! It is so exciting to learn things and be in a classroom. It's even exciting to have homework! The one thing I am learning is that teachers think that they are right about more than just their subject. I have a couple of teachers who think that they can spout off about their political, and life views as though it is fact and we are all supposed to take their word for it because "they are the teacher". Well, that may work on some of the high school kids that are in my classes (I'm at community college for a little while till I finish some classes - so some of the kids are still in high school) but it sort of irritates me. I want to raise my hand and say, "what does this have to do with Public Speaking?" but of course I don't.....that would be rude. By the way, I really like my Public Speaking class.

In other news, I turned 23 at the beginning of October. I want to say thank you to everyone who called, sent text messages, or commented on my facebook. I didn't realize I was so loved! You are all so wonderful!
For my Birthday, my family came down to celebrate with me. We had a BLAST!! My dad (who always makes special birthday breakfasts for us) got up early and made me some biscuits and gravy with granny potato hashbrowns (my great granny bottles potatoes, and they are the best when they are shredded up for hashbrowns) - Oh my goodness, it was so darn good!!!! It is seriously my favorite breakfast! Thanks Daddy!!!
Then we all got ready and we went to a place called "As You Wish!" I don't know if you have heard of it, but if you haven't, it is a place where you can paint ceramic stuff (plates, cups, little statue things) and then they burn it in a kiln and then you have a fancy, one-of-a-kind thing. It was so fun! We all got mugs, except for my dad who found a little box that he really liked, and we painted them. Turns out we are quite an artistic bunch! I didn't realize how talented we all are! Each of us added our own personality and everything looked amazing! It was fun to sit around a table and laugh and joke and paint and just enjoy each other's company.
Then my parents took us to Joe's Crab Shack where I got some king crab legs. All I have to say is YUMMY!!! There is nothing like crab legs!
Of course we had to go to the mall to pick up some Mrs. Field's mini chocolate chip cookies because that is what I wanted instead of a birthday cake. They are so darn good!
It was an awesome Birthday, but it didn't stop there........
On Sunday (my Birthday was on Saturday) we watched General Conference. Jon was able to hook the computer up to the TV, so we could actually watch it on our TV instead of all gathering around a little computer screen. He is so handy. Between sessions my mom made me my traditional lasagna dinner. My mom makes the best lasagna of anybody ever - no contest! And every year she makes it for my birthday! This has been a tradition for as long as I can remember, and a very tasty one at that! And Laney made me a yummy chocolate cake. Am I spoiled or what!?
It was an awesome Birthday!

The other super fun thing that has happened since I last posted was Halloween. Normally, I am kind of a Halloween Scrooge. I don't really like decorating for Halloween, I don't like scary movies or scary I am not a huge fan. But this year we went up to Snowflake. We had gone to the Willis Pumpkin Patch and picked out our favorite pumpkins and we were excited to carve them. Last year we did an amazing job - so amazing in fact, that people in my mom's neighborhood were telling her how great they were and how they couldn't wait to see what we came up with this year. Let me tell you, they were pretty great. As soon as I get pictures, I will post them because I realize how badly I am teasing you!
Then we had dinner (Mom's bacon and egg linguini - yum, yum!) with my Uncle Sam and Aunt Reah, followed by a Rock Band tournament while the trick-or-treaters came. It was so fun!

Since Halloween I have had a head cold. That is not fun. But my sweet husband is so good to me. He has taken great care of me and I am happy to say that I am 100% recovered! Now I have to get back to doing all the stuff I didn't do while I was all stuffed a big homework project that is due on Wednesday....

Well, that is our life in a nutshell up to this point.

I promise to do better at taking pictures and at posting!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Malori Reviews All Sorts of Stuff

Still no pictures on my blog - for some reason my blog is being very stubborn, and I have tried to figure it out, but no luck. Jon hasn't been able to check it out for me yet, so you get a picture-less blog once again......sorry!


I love autumn. I am not a huge fan of summer (especially down here in the valley) because I prefer to be cold, and I prefer the outfits in the autumn and in the winter. I like bundling up and wearing sweaters and dark colors. Well, today while I was watching the TV, I realized that the rest of the country is beginning to celebrate autumn. They are starting to wear deep reds (that's the new autumn color - apparently) and sweaters and scarfs and boots......and how does the Greater Phoenix Area notice the change in seasons? We went from temperatures over 100 degrees, to "a nice, cool 95 degrees" - that is a direct quote from the news today. Hold on, a nice, cool 95? What about 95 degrees is nice and cool?? It is supposed to be autumn! We are supposed to starting to wear sweaters, and be chilly, and yet, I see girls at school in their tiny shorts, tank tops, and flip flops!! This is not autumn!!!!!

The sad thing is that we won't be able to "experience" autumn for another month or two at least! Then, we don't ever "really" get to experience winter. I will admit, this is one of the things I really miss about the White Mountains - I miss seasons! Especially autumn!


A friend of mine on Facebook told me that I had to watch this movie - I had no choice. So I immediately got on netflix, ordered it instantly and watched it. When I reported on Facebook that I had watched the movie, I had a request from my dear friend Rachel to review it on my blog - so here goes.

This is a funny movie. I laughed more than once. My favorite part was when the main character (played by Mike Myers), who is a freelance poet, is performing his poetry in a little club. It is hilarious!!!!!

****spoiler alert****

Ok, is it just me or is the title kind of misleading? I mean, he doesn't actually marry an axe murderer. The title should have been "So, I Married a Lady Who Has an Axe Murderer For a Sister" but you can bet I did not see that coming. I mean, I thought the sister was weird, but I never thought she was the killer! Man, talk about a surprise!

The Mom and Dad in the movie were also very funny. I especially liked watching Jon watch the Dad because he laughed so hard!

It is a funny movie, and you should watch it - just a good movie when you need a laugh. Not too dumb, but not to smart either -the perfect mix.


I ordered my first Bountiful Basket a week or so ago. I had heard about it from my Mom-in-Law and thought it sounded like a pretty fancy thing, but never got around to it. Finally, after my cousin got one and raved about it, I decided to take the plunge. I got online and ordered.

$15 and a couple of days later, we woke up early and headed to our pick-up spot. I'll admit I was kind of nervous because I had no idea what to do - but it was so painless!! We showed up, gave the guy our name, he pointed us in the direction of the baskets, and we got our stuff. So easy!!

For those of you who haven't heard of it, here is the deal - you get 50% fruit and 50% vegetables in your order. You go to a pick-up spot with a laundry basket of your own and meet with the volunteers who point you to some baskets - you transfer the produce into your laundry basket and you're done! You get a ton of stuff for only 15 dollars! We got probably a dozen grapefruit, grapes, tomatoes, corn, bell peppers, romaine lettuce, and a bunch of other stuff - it is a great deal!!

You really need to check out the website to get the full picture, but I definitely recommend it!!


Pastor Terry Jones is the Protestant Pastor in Gainesville, Florida who has decided, and convinced his 49 parishioners, that it is a good idea to burn Quorans on September 11th. I'm sure you have heard about this and have formed your own opinion on it, but as this is my blog, I am going to tell you how I feel about it.....

I think Pastor Terry Jones is a complete hypocrite. How can a person say that he is Christian - preach Christianity from a pulpit - and do something so hateful? Doesn't Christ teach us that the most important commandment is to love one another? How is burning a book that is so sacred to somebody a loving gesture?

He says that it is to protest Islamic does it make sense to protest extremism with something so extreme? And, how does it make sense to do something that will hurt regular Muslims, you know, the non-extreme kinds as well? How will something so offensive bring peach and love and unity?

This pastor is not only giving himself a bad name, he is also giving our country and Christianity and bad name. The world is in an uproar over this, and all they see is "an American, Christian Pastor burning a bunch of Quorans" - they don't see the millions of people who are also American Christians who disagree with this insanity!

I normally don't agree with Hilary Clinton, but I have to make an exception because, regarding this issue, she said that it is unfortunate that he is making it look like the United States believes that this is the right thing - because we, as a whole, don't. She explained that he is a pastor with a small church in a small town in Florida and the entire world is under the impression that he represents the American way of thinking. She made clear that this is not the way that we as a whole think.

Now, I have to say that I don't like that he is doing this. I think it is hateful and horrible and dangerous - but, I do love the freedom that we have to say what we think and express how we feel in this country. Granted, he will have to deal with the public backlash, but the government has no right to tell him to stop. I don't agree with what he is doing, but I think in order to remain free we have to take the good and the bad that comes with our first amendment rights.....and that means letting this crazy guy burn Quorans on September 11th.


I am taking a math class this semester. It is not any kind of fancy math, it is only intermediate algebra (MAT 121), but I haven't had a math class since I was a junior in high school (that has been 6 years) and I am extremely out of practice (I have a test tomorrow and should be studying, but I have been studying all day and needed a break before I start burning math books instead of Quorans!).

Here is what I think about math. I have gone 6 years of my life without figuring out the slope of anything. I haven't needed to find the vertical intercept of a single thing, and never has anybody asked me to plot any points on a graph. Now, I understand that some people do these things in their jobs or in life - but I am not one of these people, nor do I ever plan on being one of these people.

And, if by some crazy chance the situation did arise where I was asked to do one of these things, I would simply call someone who did know how to do it, and they could walk me through the very rare situation, and I could move on with my life.

So, why am I paying money, spending a lot of time, and getting pimples and gray hairs over this stuff??!!

Don't get me wrong, I am not really complaining because I am really, really excited to be back in school - I am just really not understanding this math stuff, and am not really sure why I am racking my brain trying to understand it!

Still, I have to learn it to get through the class, and I need the class for a degree - so I better just get back to studying.......

Wish me luck tomorrow!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Crazy Weekend, True Love, and One Movie Review

This weekend we had planned to have a Saline Reunion Campout. We were very excited because we haven't ever all gone camping together - and it would be so fun to do it before Joy Lynn left on her mission (she is going to Bolivia).

So, Jon and I left early in the day to go scout out a spot by Christopher Creek. Everyone else had work or school, and we both had Friday off, so we were the"chosen scouts". It was a lot of fun though. We got there and saw two different trails that we could use. We hiked up a ways on one trail and never found a spot that would fit enough tents on flat ground. So, we decided to turn around and try out the other trail. We hiked a ways in and finally found the most perfect spot! It was near the creek but up higher than it, so the kids wouldn't get in, it had plenty of soft, flat spots for tents, and it had a huge fire pit. Perfect! The only down side was that it was across the creek. Not across a deep, scary part, but you did have to walk across some rocks to get there.

We decided that if we built a really good rock bridge, it wouldn't be a problem to get everyone across safely and settled in our perfect spot.

So, we set up our tent, our chairs, the food and water we brought, our sleeping bags, the dog's stuff, and then Jon stacked some rocks across the creek that would make it really easy to cross.

It was so perfect - the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, but enough shade from all of the trees to keep it nice and cool in the afternoon. We were excited.

Eventually, Mom and Dad Saline showed up with Joy Lynn and we started unloading the tables and chairs and tents that they brought. It was starting to get a little cloudy, but we had had a soft drizzle earlier in the morning and figured this cloud was merely a repeat of that wimpy storm. We lugged a bunch of stuff across the creek and started setting up.

Then it happened, the clouds burst open and it started pouring!! They were huge drops and we were getting soaked! Not only that but it was already 8pm and the sun was going down, but with this giant black cloud in front of it, it got very dark, very fast!

Then Beau and Shaunalee showed up with their kids, who were really excited to go camping. We tried to set some stuff up, the it got so dark and it was raining SO hard!! So, we decided to pack it up and give up on camping.

This was easier said that done.

We were trying to roll up sleeping bags, take down tents, carry heavy stuff across the creek (that was now raising and our lovely rock bridge was covered in slippery water) and things were was really rough.

By the time we got everything loaded and we got in the car, Jon and I were covered in mud and our clothes were so drenched you could literally ring them out - and we were tired.......

Everyone decided that we would drive up the mountain and get some dinner in Heber (no, we hadn't eaten yet because we were going to cook out at the camp site.....). This was a great idea except that we were soaked and had mud all over us. So I changed into some sweat pants and a hoodie (my dry clothes) and bundled my hair on top of my head - and hoped I didn't see some long lost high school friend that I haven't seen for 5 years (that always happens when you don't look great, and they are always dressed to the nines.....). Luckily the town of Heber closes up pretty early, so there weren't many people at the restaurant and we were able to get some great food, and visit with the family and play with the babies. It was very nice.

Then we all drove up to Snowflake and "camped out" in real beds at Mom and Dad Saline's house.

PS - I brought my camera, but it was raining so hard it would have gotten ruined, so no pictures.....sorry!

The next day Jon and I got up and got ready for my dear friend Alex Brown's wedding. He married the beautiful Katie Evans and it was a wonderful ceremony. It was so nice to see so many friends that I haven't seen in a long time!
Congratulations Alex and Katie!!

PPS - I would have a picture of them on here, but my blog is being stubborn and not letting me post pictures - if you have any suggestions as to why this is happening, it would be great to be able to figure it out!!

* * * * * * * * *


Now that I have Netflix, I have access to all sorts of documentaries and independent films. Some of them do not look interesting, but Netlix suggested that I might like an independent film called "Arranged" based on some of my other selections.

Netflix was right!

The movie is about an Orthodox Jewish girl and a Muslim girl. They both end up teaching at the same school, and are treated differently at work because of their "strange" customs. Eventually they become friends because they can understand each other's situations - and become even closer when they realize both of their religions share a similar custom - arranged marriages.

The story shows them both going through the steps of finding a "match" - and learning about each other and growing closer and closer.

I loved this movie!! I loved the positive light it cast on both religions. I loved how it explained that even though you would think that they would be polar opposites - the two religions were actually very similar in their customs. And I especially loved how, in spite of their differences, and even the bigger political differences their cultures have, these two women were able to lean on each other and learn from one another, and encourage one another in their beliefs.

There is one scene where the Jewish girl is feeling very discouraged about finding a match, and the entire process, and she explaining her feelings to the Muslim girl who isn't having much success herself. The Muslim girl listens to the Jewish girls' concerns and then says, "we both have faith that God has a plan for us" - how interesting that they could encourage each other in faith.

Basically I loved this movie and recommend that you get your hands on it and watch it!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Malori Reviews All Sorts of Stuff

Ok everyone - for some reason my computer is being stubborn about posting pictures....I need to spend some time researching what is causing this problem, but for now you get a picture-less post. Sorry!


Jon and I got Netflix (which is amazing!! We hooked our Wii up to the internet and we get all sorts of instant movies and shows!! So worth the $9 we spend a month on it. Netflix should really pay me for my mini commercial....) and we have been working on getting caught up on our new favorite addiction - Lost.

We just finished season 5, and are at a bit of a standstill because the next season isn't available until August 24th (and yes, I have been going crazy!) but I can say that we are absolutely loving it!!!!

I can't even pretend to explain the story to any of you "Non-Lost Watchers" I wouldn't even be able to! The story is so darn involved! Each character's story is so detailed. You learn their past stories, and their future stories all while telling their story in the present!! Crazy!

When we first started season 1, I never could have imagined how the story would evolve. It has gone in so many crazy directions - between The Others, The Freighter People, Locke's group, The Dharma People in the 70's - I mean, it is all over the place! The amazing thing though is that the story is not confusing. If you have been watching since the first season it is not hard to follow at all! You fall in love with the characters - and actually hate some of the other characters! It's amazing to feel so strongly about television show characters!

So, I suggest that you find the DVDs of this show and start watching it! But make sure you don't have a whole lot of stuff you need to accomplish because suddenly watching the next episode to "find out what happens" becomes more important than other things - like sleep!


Jon and I are big fans of the restaurant Red Robin. We really enjoy the food and we also enjoy the prices. If you want a great burger, great fish and chips, great clam chowder - all in a fun "sit-down" environment, for not very much dinero - Red Robin is the place.

We love going there with friends and family because it is so fun and low-key!

A couple of weeks ago my mom and I went there and we got this amazing waiter named Chad. He was so nice!! I was looking to try something new and I asked him if their macaroni and cheese was any good, and he flat out told me that he didn't like it and I probably shouldn't order it. I really appreciated his honesty (that's not to say that their other food is not spectacular!). He was very helpful at suggesting things - for example, I asked for some ranch for my fries and he brought me ranch, but he also brought out some "onion ring sauce" just so I could try it - and it was awesome!!! I loved it! It was sort of like ranch mixed with bbq sauce and I'm sure they mixed some happiness in there.......I really appreciated him bringing it out for me just to try!

Then, when we were getting ready to leave - after we had already paid - he asked us if we wanted some to-go cups for our drinks. I said that would be very nice, and instead of bringing out a styrofoam cup for me to dump the rest of my drink in - he went over to the bar and made us brand new drinks (I had a freckled lemonade - yummy!) in these giant 32 oz cups so we could take it home!!! It was so nice!!!

Anyways, if you go to Red Robin by the San Tan Mall - request Chad! But if you can't make it to that Red Robin location, or Chad isn't working at the time you go, don't fret - we have never had a bad waiter at any Red Robin and the food is great!

Thanks Chad!


M.Night Shyamalan directed The Last Airbender and I loved it. I am a huge fan of the cartoon on nickelodeon so I was excited and a little bit skeptical about this movie. There are a lot of critics who did not enjoy it - they say it didn't stay true to the show - but as a fan of the show, I can say that I was not disappointed in what they did. There are practically a million seasons of that show by now, so the fact that they could bring as much of the story in that they did was impressive. I thought all of the actors - in spite of how young they were - did a pretty darn good job.

I was also excited that they left it open for a sequel - if only the critics would just lay off and let us enjoy.

PS - after you watch this movie you will wish that you knew how to do tai chi........just warning you.


Inception - starring Leonardo DiCapro - was a mind-excercising good time. I was hesitant about this movie because I had seen a review that claimed that the story was too complex and hard to keep track of. Heaven knows I don't want to watch a movie that takes so much effort, so I wasn't sure that I would like it.

I was pleasantly surprised!

The story was not too complex. Sure, the total concept - breaking in to people's dreams and planting ideas - is complex by itself, but they do such a great job of explaining all of the "rules" and everyone's jobs - you feel like this is something that can actually happen because the rules make complete sense!!

Not all of the characters had in-depth back stories, but that didn't make you care about them less. Leo had some deep background stories that seeped into his sub-consious and caused them problems in the dreams, but it never got confusing....

I appreciated that the story was not all blowing things up and running around shooting things - it was a good story for an action movie and Jon and I both enjoyed it!


I am watching the finale of So You Think You Can Dance right this moment - yes, as I am writing this blog I am watching the show. They have not announced the winner yet - but we are down to Kent and Lauren - my 2 favorites!!!! I was sad when Robert went home, but I had to agree because I think Kent and Lauren are just a little bit better, but I could not have agreed with the bottom 3 more!!

I have to give you my opinion before we find out who actually wins - I think that Lauren is a better dancer and I hope she wins, but I love, love Kent and what a cutie-patootie he is!!

Oh man, here it comes.........waiting.......this is intense........stop talking and just tell us''s LAUREN!!!!!!


I am seriously so excited for her right now, she is so stinkin' good!!!

This season of Dance has been so great! Such talented dancers, great dances for them to perform - it was a good time!

Tonight, I think the most novel moment was when Ellen DeGenerous came out and danced with Twitch. She is actually pretty darn good for having never been trained! Makes me think that somebody could teach me how to dance! LOL!!

Now it's time for the next season of American Idol....and I'm kind of scared of it without Simon.........we will see.......

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy 3 Years Jon!!

My Dearest Love,

Three years ago today I was blessed to marry my very best friend, and I have only grown to love you even more since that day. In our three short years I feel like we have gone through a lot! Law School, the Bar Exam, moving three times, calling, jobs, late night studying, fertility treatments, being completely broke......and I have loved every minute of it because I have been able to spend it with you! I know that we are perfect for each other because our trials have brought us even closer together.

Jon, I love you with all of my heart. I have never known anyone who can make me laugh like you do, who can comfort me like you do, who will put up with me like you do. You are everything that I ever dreamed I would find in a husband plus so much more!!

I admire you so much. You have an uncanny ability to love everyone. You are so smart - you always know the answers to my questions no matter what the subject. You are incredibly patient. You blow me away with how talented you are. You honor your priesthood and are always prepared to use it if called upon. And, you always love me no matter what.

This next year is full of changes for us, but I am so excited to be able to spend another year with you. I am excited to spend eternity with you!

So, Happy Anniversary Jon. I love you more than all the things!


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bar Exam Is Over!!

Well everyone - Jon has finished the Bar Exam!!!!! I am probably more excited than he is right now because he is still kind of in his "test-coma" - but it will hit him soon and he will be really excited too!

He says he feels pretty confident about it, but is still nervous about his results. He told me that he could tell that he was getting a little bit of "extra" help. He said that things would just pop into his mind, and that he had plenty of time to spend on each question. He knows that Heavenly Father was watching out for him.

Thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts and wishes throughout this. That and his overwhelming amounts of studying has made all the difference!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Long Time Gone

I have not posted in a very long time! So I have a lot to catch up on.......

I have been in Snowflake for most of July because Jon was studying for the Bar Exam, and I have a hard time being quiet and letting him study, so it was better for me to go stay up there and give him some peace. Unfortunately, I did not bring my camera with me because it got packed up with the rest of our stuff! So I have some stories, but no pics! Lame, I know....

So here is the month of July - in a nutshell:

Anyways, I went up to Snowflake for a couple of weeks and while I was there my mom and I worked at the Carriage House doing laundry. I didn't think I would enjoy doing laundry all day (I don't like doing it when it is my laundry!), but it was really great knowing that I was helping elderly people to have nice, clean clothes. Not to mention the fact that it was kind of relaxing because it was kind of mindless work.....which was a nice change from my old job at the school!

Then I came back down to the Valley of the Sun so that we could move out of our apartment and into a house on the East Campus of ASU. Moving is not fun. It is stressful and busy, and it was very hot outside!! We are really grateful to Jon's parents and Lon and Brenden for taking time out to come and help us. They were so great!

We got all of the boxes moved in, and a few things put away, but I needed to leave and Jon needed to get back to studying, so I left most of the boxes just stacked in the house.........poor Jon huh?

I got to go hang out on Lake Roosevelt on Grams' houseboat with my family! It was so fun and so relaxing!! We went out on the jet ski and Laney and I rode in the tube behind it over the wakes and stuff! It was crazy!! We finally got flipped out of the tube and Laney flew over me and into the water! It was so funny! Then it was Dad's turn, and he started getting a little cocky. He started putting his hands behind his head as if he were bored - so we told Mom to make things a little bit more exciting.....and soon after, he got flipped out of the tube!! Hilarious!

We came back down to the Valley for an afternoon where Mom helped me put some things away in my new house. We got some more pictures hung and it started to feel more like our home......still boxes everywhere though....

Then we went back up to Snowflake, only this time we had Tanner with us. He had spend 3 weeks in Washington state visiting my Uncle Justin and Aunt April. He had so much fun, but we were happy to have him back.

The day we got back we (Laney, Tanner and I) went and saw "The Last Airbender" - and it was AWESOME!!!! We really loved the movie and it was so fun to go with my brother and sister!

The rest of the week we hung out, helped Grams clean out my Great Grandma's house, and had a ton of fun!! Then it was time for Pioneer Days in Snowflake - which is always so much fun!! Snowflake knows how to celebrate!

On Friday, we went and helped set up the craft fair at Pioneer Park. Grams is the President of the Chamber of Commerce, so she was in charge of the festivities and we were happy to help her. There were some amazing vendors with some amazing things they had made! I am always so impressed by how talented and clever people are!

That night we all went over to Hebrews - a restaurant in Snowflake - and had dinner and listened to this super fun band! Grams and Gramps got up and danced with each other and it was so incredibly sweet! We had so much fun!

On Saturday we got up and went to the Parade. Mom, Dad and I were judges for the parade and it was so fun! We had a great seat up on top of a trailer so we could see everything! Snowflake always has a very good parade - people work really hard to make their floats creative and entertaining. And, JD Hayworth was in the parade, which I was pretty impressed with - I couldn't believe he showed up to such a small town's celebration.....good for him!

Next was a couple boutiques that were going on, and back to the craft fair where is started raining so hard!! They closed up the fair at 4, and by that time it was pouring! Tanner had promised that he would help some of the booths pack up (because he is a good guy!) and he was soaking wet!!

After we changed our clothes, we headed to Grams' where we had a little hot dog party and we spent time with the whole family. Shakira and her family were back in AZ so they came and it was great to see them - they have been in New Mexico because Luke is in the Air Force.

Now, I am back in the Valley, but I am staying at a hotel with my mom (she is down here for meetings, and the school pays for her hotel room) because Jon is taking the bar today and tomorrow!! I have been so impressed with him, He has been really stressed, but he has been working so hard to stay calm and positive. He has put so much time and energy into studying for this test and I know he is going to do so great - but if you could say a little prayer for him that would be great!!!!

So that brings us to the present - it was a really quick recap of what I have been up to, and now that I have internet in our new house, I will be much better at posting - and as soon as I find the box that holds my camera, I will try to take more pictures of the fun stuff that we do!

Don't worry world - Jon and I are back!!!

Thanks for sticking with us and for all of your support!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Independance Day

Hi Everyone,
I know I have been a total blogging lame-o, but I do have a couple of good excuses: 1) I haven't really had access to the internet, but never fear, that will all change on the 14th of July (then you will be sick of me!) when we move over to ASU's Polytechnic Campus Family Housing and 2)After Jon graduated, he immediately started studying for the bar - so we have been kind of boring since bar studying is all-consuming. Don't worry world, I promise we will come back.....just 28 more days!!!

But I am not going to talk about all of the stuff I have been doing lately (mainly keeping up with "The Bachelorette" - does anyone else think that Kasey had a screw lose?? - and "So You Think You Can Dance") and instead talk about Independence Day and this great country.

I have always considered myself to be pretty patriotic. I have had incredible examples of real patriots who have sacrificed in one way or another to preserve our countries' freedoms and liberties. I have always proudly stood for the National Anthem and put my hand over my heart for the pledge. I have always loved America.

But I think that this past year in particular I have grown a whole new respect and deep love for America and what it stands for. As some of you already know, I am a self-proclaimed politics junkie lately. I love watching the news and listening to political radio. I, of course, have my own firm opinions on things and tend to lean towards certain analysts more than others - but I really just like knowing what is going on in the world and, more particularly, in our country. I feel like this in depth knowledge and extra-curricular study of current events, and the founders of this country, and the history of the great men and women who have given their lives for it, as well as learning more about the constitution and what an inspired document it really is has given me a whole new outlook on what it means to be a true patriot.

I have so much more to learn and study - and I am so excited to dive right in - but I can say that I love my country. I am so proud of what it stands for. I am so proud to say that I am an American. I consider it to be more than just where I live, I consider it to be my nationality, my race. This country is in my heart.

How can I put into words how grateful I am to my family members and your family members who have fought for my freedom to worship how I want, to marry who I want, to have this blog and say what I want on it? There are no words.

Now when I stand for the National Anthem or put my hand over my heart for the Pledge of Allegiance, I stand a little straighter and listen a little closer.

On this Independence Day, let's not get so caught up in the parades and the barbecues and the fireworks that we forget to remember what the day is really about.

God Bless America!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Law School Graduation! Finally!!!!!

On Friday my brilliant husband graduated from the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at ASU!! I was soooooo excited!
Unfortunately I don't have any pictures right now because I put everyone else in charge of taking pictures, and I haven't gotten any yet - so that will have to come later - but let me tell you all about it.

Jon has been so calm about all of this! I, of course, could not stop smiling and telling him how excited and proud I was (and still am)!!

He got all dressed up and he looked so handsome! He wore his Grandpa Saline's vest because he wanted a little bit of his Grandpa there with him. I thought that was so sweet!

When we got to the Gammage, he put on his graduation robe and his hat and I almost cried right there!

He left to line up and I met all of the family (thank you all so much for coming and supporting Jon in this!) and we waited patiently for the graduation to start.

Finally it started, and all the graduates walked in - and Jon was smiling so big!!!!!!

The Dean of the school spoke, and then some students and then the Honorable Judge Berch from the Arizona Supreme Court spoke. They were all actually pretty decent graduation talks, and they were not too long which I really appreciated!

Then it was time! The graduates started filing through, and as they got closer to Jon's name, my heart started beating faster and faster! Then they called his name, and he got his hood put on and he received his book and he was smiling the whole time!

Yes, I cried.

Jon is so fancy! His name was in the program 3 times! Once with the rest of his classmates, once for "Highest Pro Bono Distinction" and once for "The Order of the Barristers"!!

The next day we got together with some friends and family for a BBQ to celebrate! It was so fun to see everyone and we were so grateful for all of the support!

It was such a fun celebration!!

Thank you to everyone who came and who helped with bringing food and setting up. I could not have done it without everyone's help!

Jon and I are so loved and we are overwhelmed by the amount of love that has been shown to us as we celebrate this HUGE accomplishment!


In other news - Joy Lynn got her mission call and she is going to Bolivia!!! Crazy!!! She will be Spanish speaking which is soooo cool!
We were all guessing where she was going to be called to before she opened it, and none of us guessed Bolivia!

Also, my sister is home from Florida for good! It's so fun to have her home! Yay!

And, my little brother has his Driver's Permit, so if you live in Snowflake - stay off the roads!!

So that's about it for me right now!

I will post pictures of the graduations as soon as I get them!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Malori Reviews All Sorts Of Stuff

Hi Everyone,
We had internet in our house for a few months (and it was wonderful) but then our neighbors moved and we suddenly didn't have internet that is why I have been a blogging lame-o.
So, I am blogging at work (so many shameful confessions today!) and for some reason my computer is not allowing me to add pictures - something to do with the filter thing to keep the kids off bad web sites - so I am going to review stuff, but you can't see pictures of it. So there! (hee, hee, hee)
* * * *


If you haven't seen this fantastic throw back to the original (and wonderful) Disney Princess movies - you need to! It is classically animated - none of this computer generated stuff (that is great, but don't you miss the regular cartoons), full of singing and music, and has a great story! I actually cried (for those of you who know me know that isn't a huge thing - I cry in TV that one for Kodak with the dad and his new baby and he is sending a picture to "grammy" - yup, I cried like a baby the first couple of times I saw that one).
Princess Tiana grows up in a poor family in New Orleans, and she and her dad have a dream of opening a restraunt called "Tiana's Place". When her father passes away, she dedicates her life to working hard and making enough money to make their dream a reality.
Unfortunately the work of a voodoo man turns Tiana into a frog and she and a handsome prince have to go on a crazy adventure to become human again - and meanwhile they fall in love.
Just add this one to my list of favorite Disney movies ever!

* * * *


I love burritos. That is all there is to it. I am a huge fan of burritos - and a huge, HUGE fan of Chipotle's burritos!
I always order a chicken burrito with black beans, rice (that they make with lime and cilantro...and a bit of happiness) green sauce, lettuce and extra cheese.
Rip off the tin-foil and be prepared to smile from ear to ear (which is hard to do when you mouth is full of goodness, but you will do it anyways).
Jon prefers the barbacoa - and it is really good too.
We can order just one burrito and cut it in half and be completely full!
Their only downfall is their chips. Jon loves them because they are dusted with some kind of lime powder stuff that Jon really likes and I think is gross, but you don't have to order them and the problem is solved.
Show Low doesn't have a Chipotle, so I had never heard of it until we moved down here, and I was missing out.
If you haven't been there - go there!

* * * *


Seriously, if you don't see any other movie this entire year, you must see this movie! I loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!!!!!
It is so funny. It is so well animated. It is so touching. The morals are great. The writing is great. The voices are great. It is just great!
I cried in this movie too, but because I was so happy! The ending is probably the most touching endings I have ever seen on an animated movie.
I went into it thinking I was going to see another Dreamworks "Kung Fu Panda" type. That wouldn't be bad, I liked "Kung Fu Panda", but it didn't change my life or anything.
Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised!
I am not going to tell you about it, because I don't want to spoil anything for you.
All I am going to say is watch this movie. It is seriously that good!

* * * *


I'm not going to focus on this too much because I don't want to bring the mood down or make this a political blog (even though it would be so cool to have a political blog!) but I do want to say that people need to stop saying things about it when they haven't even read it.
This bill does nothing but do more to enforce already standing federal laws. It gives authority to law enforcement to enforce immigration laws and does not include racial profiling or anything unconstitutional.
We are all required to carry documentation - I am required to produce a driver's license when I get pulled over - and it has been a federal law since 1946 that legal immigrants have to carry their visa or green card with them at all times. This has been a law for over 60 years, the problem is that nobody has enforced it.
Yes, this should have been taken care of on a federal level, not a state level. But, nobody was doing anything on the federal level and meanwhile people in Arizona are being murdered, cops are being shot, drugs are being smuggled in, gangs are growing, and people who are not citizens are taking away jobs, demanding free education and health care, and that we learn Spanish to accommodate them.
I also agree with the argument that this will take time away from our regular law enforcement so they won't be able to spend all of their time fighting regular crime - but again, if this had been taken care of on a federal level, we would not be forced to take action as a state.
And in conclusion, why is Shakira suddenly an expert on all of this? Why should we even think twice about what she has to say about it?
I could go on and on, but I am just going to say, read the bill and learn for yourself what it actually says instead of depending on what the alphabet networks and celebrities are telling you to believe.

* * * *


Tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day - so tell a teacher how much you appreciate them.

* * * *


I can't review all sorts of stuff and leave out American Idol!! I have really enjoyed this season, especially since they got rid of the not-so-great singers that they seemed to have in abundance at the beginning of the season.
Now I am torn between Bowersocks and DeWyze. I love them! Don't get me wrong, Big Mike is really good, but not my style. Still really talented though.
I was sad that Siobhan got kicked off before Kasey the blonde lame-o who can't sing, and is not a cute as everyone says he is, and Aaron. Sure he is talented, but as far as stage presence goes....he just does not have it!
So, this Tuesday make sure you call in and vote for Mamma Socks and Lee so they can be down to the bottom two! If they were the bottom two I would be thrilled with either of them winning!

* * * *

In personal news, Jon's last final is on Wednesday! I don't know who is more excited - him or me! I can't wait until he is all finished!
His graduation is coming up soon! I know I am going to cry when he walks across the stage in his cap and gown and receives his degree! It is going to be so awesome!
My Little Sista is coming home on the 12th! I am so excited for her to be home, and to hang out with her and the rest of my family in July (even though I will miss Jon like crazy!)
We are going to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom when they come down to pick up Laney so we will all be together! It will be so nice!
Lon and Kim are blessing their new little baby Emerie on Mother's Day. It will be so nice to see all of Jon's family!
This month is going to be crazy, but I am so excited for all of the big events!!
Yay for May!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun News

We have some fun news!

First of all, Jon's little sister Shuanalee and her husband Beau had their third baby yesterday. She is a beautiful little girl named Heidi and we are so excited to have her as part of the family!!
Everything with the labor and delivery went perfectly (and kinda quickly)! We already love her and we love Shauna and her whole family!! Now Keagan and Kaleb have a new little sister to take care of!
I will wait to post pictures because I don't want to steal that thunder from Shauna and Beau, but trust me when I tell you that she is just adorable!

Also, for those of you who aren't on facebook, Jon got a very prestigious award at school. It is called the Order of the Barristers and it is one of only 2 honors programs offered by law schools. This is a national award and he can use it for his entire career! I am so proud of him!

In other Jon news, he also passed the MPRE - a huge ethics test required to be permitted into the Bar. It was a 3 hour test and Jon studied very hard. He is so relieved that that hurtle is over!!!

That is pretty much it for us right now, but it was all so excited I had to report it!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Patience Is a Virtue

Some of you already know this story. Some of you only know bits and pieces of this story. Some of you don't know anything about this story. But I feel like I should share it with you, not so you will feel badly for me - that is not my intention at all - but instead to just get it off of my chest and help me feel better about it, and maybe to help someone out there who is feeling alone in their trials. Beside, how would this family journal be complete without every story of our family?

In August of 2008 Jon and I decided that we wanted to start a family. We had prayed and fasted and gone to the temple and we felt that it was the right time for us to have a baby. Naturally we were both very excited about the idea. We had stopped taking birth control pills a few months before and were using other methods of protection because the pill was making me feel cranky and unpleasant all the time, so we thought that we were ready - my body was free of birth control and we would soon be pregnant.

A few months went by...we were casually counting the days of my cycle and trying to determine ovulation just based on that, and we were not too concerned. It takes a while for this kind of thing to happen after all, and we weren't sure that the birth control was entirely out of my system.

I continued to try to eat good foods and avoid anything that would be hazardous to a pregnancy (if I were to become pregnant, I didn't want anything in my system that would be dangerous). I refused to take any medicine, I never drank caffeine, and was trying to eat things that I knew would give me the vitamins I would need to carry a healthy baby.

A few more months went by and we started to get a little bit worried....this was taking longer than we planned. Still, we didn't get too freaked out. Sometimes these things take time and we would just wait. Besides, we were still getting the kinks worked out about our financial plan for a baby, so we could wait.

A few more months went by. We got the fanciest insurance plan available through my job so we were sure to be covered when we did get pregnant. We discussed what we would do financially. We moved in to a cleaner apartment with an extra bedroom and I daydreamed about how I would decorate it for a nursery. Why was this taking so long?

A year went by - and by this time we were a little bit concerned. My sister-in-law suggested we buy the 20 day ovulation kit. for those of you who aren't familiar with this, it is a kit with little sticks you pee on (kind of like a pregnancy test) that indicate when you are ovulating, so you are sure not to miss it. I used the kit faithfully, but there were many months were the sticks never "turned blue" to indicate that I was ovulating. Naturally, this made me a little nervous.

I scheduled an appointment with an OB/GYN that I had never heard of, but that was close to my house. I was due for my annual visit anyways (girls, don't we love that annual visit) so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and ask him about pre-conception and why my sticks weren't turning blue while I was there.

It was without a doubt the worst doctor's appointment I had ever had! He was the worst doctor I had ever had and I was very uncomfortable and angry when I left - but that is another story. When I asked him about the ovulation sticks, he asked if I had periods - I said that I did, and he said, in a tone that suggested that I was the biggest idiot on the planet, that if I had periods I must ovulate so I had nothing to worry about. we continued to do the counting. I continued to research. I read everything I could get my hands on - every article the internet had to offer, every youtube video, every book from the library or Barnes and Noble - everything! I am an expert on getting pregnant! And we followed all the rules. I ate cinnamon almonds and made Jon eat tomato soup and popcorn as these things were certain to increase fertility, and that is only the tip of the iceberg. Poor Jon had to do so many crazy things!

Then we went to another doctor. This one was much better, but she said that we had to get Jon tested first because we have to rule the man out before we even test the woman.

This was a problem.

You see, we had gotten insurance for me because I was the one who would be getting pregnant, but we could not afford insurance for Jon as well. How would we be able to afford a test like that?

So, we waited and counted and more months went by.....

Then it was time for my next annual appointment (ok, I was really late for it, but I was fed up with these doctors and their lack of answers, so I was not jumping for joy to make that appointment) so I scheduled it with yet another doctor.

While we were there we again asked about our problems with getting pregnant. By this time it was 19 months, and we were very concerned - we are young and healthy, why are we having these problems?

This doctor ordered some blood tests on me and explained that they would test me to see if there was something obvious in my blood, and if it looked like I was fine, then we would test Jon. This was music to our ears!! Finally a step in the right direction, and it wouldn't break the bank!

I went and got my blood work done, and a week later went back to the office for an ultrasound and the results of my blood work. The doctor came in and explained that I had a cyst on my right ovary, but that it looked like it was going to go away or burst on it's own so they weren't too worried about that, but what they were worried about was my progesterone level. She explained that the progesterone level should be at an 8 or higher (10 or 11 is average), but that mine was at a 1. This means that I rarely, if ever, ovulate. Finally an answer!!!

She wrote me a prescription for Clomid - a drug that triggers something in your brain to help release eggs - gave me the instructions on how to take it and that was that.

Well, I finished my round of Clomid about a week ago. This coming up week I go back for another blood test and then it's back to the doctor where I will see if my progesterone level is higher and if they need to up my dose for the next month.

The medicine makes me feel pretty crappy. Very tired, sometimes nauseous, extra moody and emotional - but in spite of that, I am so excited to be on the right track towards starting a family! A few nights ago, Jon and I were driving home when I just burst into tears. He asked me what was wrong, and I didn't have an answer because I didn't know why I was crying - but I did tell him that I was so grateful for how terrible I was feeling because I knew that the medicine was doing something!

This has been the greatest trial for both of us, but we have been so blessed in so many other things. We can't help but recognize the Lord's hand in our lives - we know that He hears our prayers and knows the righteous desires of our hearts. The best we can do is keep praying, keep living the commandments, keep being positive, and put our trust in Him.

Maybe He is trying to teach us that patience is a virtue.

The Good In The World - New Blog!

BYU TV has a new slogan - See The Good In The World. This inspired me to create a blog dedicated to the good in the world.

It seems to get harder and harder to see good in a world where there is so much bad, but I believe that if we practice, we can get better and recognizing the good things - they are all around us!

My new blog will be a group effort to see the good in everything around us!

Together we will can practice seeing the good and we can help each other!

I am so excited to see the good things you will share with me and so excited to start looking for my own good things!!

Won't this be fun!!!! Please check it out!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Made Jon Take An Online Quiz - Here Are His Answers

1. Where were you 3 hours ago?
At Home
2. Who are you in love with?
My wife who left a cracker on the ground
3. Have you ever eaten a crayon?
4. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
Yes - a pink cup
5. When is the last time you went to the mall?
Ummm...last weekend (?)
6. Are you wearing socks right now?
Yep, regular white ones
7. Do you have a car worth over $2,000?
(head nod) Toyota Corolla
8. When was the last time you drove out of town?
I don't remember - but we went to Snowflake
9. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?
10. Are you hot?
Oh Yeah!! Yeah I am!!!
11. What was the last thing you had to drink?
12. What are you wearing right now?
13. Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it?
I let the rain do it since I'm too poor to afford a car was (giggles)
14. Last food that you ate?
Tomato Soup and Crackers
15. Where were you last week at this time?
At the Attorney Genera's Office working
16. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week?
17. When is the last time you ran?
Tuesday night...unfortunately (he has been sore ever since)
18. What's the last sporting event you watched?
Ward softball game
19. What is your favorite animal?
White Tiger - growl
20. Your dream vacation?
Going and to that island that The Bachelor was on.
21. Last person's house you were in?
Aaron Brown's
22. Worst injury you've ever had?
Broke my finger...and a torn meniscus
23. Have you been in love?
Yes I have and still am!
24. Do you miss anyone right now?
My Grandpa
25. Last play you saw?
26. What is your secret weapon to lure in the opposite sex?
I'm not in that business anymore
27. What are your plans for tonight?
Have fun.....
28. Who is the last person you sent a MySpace message or comment?
No has been 3 years since I used MySpace
29. Next trip you are going to take?
To Wal Mart
30. Ever go to camp?
Yes, Boy Scout Camp
31. Were you an honor roll student in school?
32. What do you want to know about the future?
If I'm going to have a job
33. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne?
Not right now
34. Are you due sometime this year for a doctor's visit?
35. Where is your best friend?
About 3 feet away from me (he means me!!)
36. How is your best friend?
She's really cute...
37. Do you have a tan?
Yeah - a nice farmer's tan from being in school 8 hours a day
38. What are you listening to right now?
Special Report with Bret Baier
39. Do you collect anything?
Kisses from my wife
40. Who is the biggest gossiper you know?
I don't run in gossip circles
41. Last time you got stopped by a cop or pulled over?
2004 - A police officer from the Indian reservation pulled me over, but he forgot to sign the ticket, so I didn't have to pay it.
42. Have you ever drank your soda from a straw?
43. What does your last text message say?
"You will love me so much anyways" (it was from me. He told me he would love me so much if I made brownies for his home teaching families...)
44. Do you like hot sauce?
I like "mild" hot sauce
45. Last time you took a shower?
This morning
46. Do you need to do laundry?
47. What is your heritage?
48. Are you someone's best friend?
I hope so (yes!! he is my very, very best friend!)
49. Are you rich?
No, I'm in student debt up to my eyeballs!!
50. What were you doing at 12AM last night?

Monday, March 15, 2010


Jon graduates from Law School on May 14th of this year! We get so excited the closer it gets!
This week he got his cap and gown and I was so excited I couldn't even wait to see it! I told him to put it all on immediately so I could see it!
He didn't want to, but I won and I got these fun pictures!!

Of course I can't wait until he is wearing it for real! I am so proud of him! Doesn't he look handsome??

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Evolution of Stress

Working at a school has helped me to realize what I like to call "The Evolution of Stress" - allow me to explain:

One day a little 2 or 3 year old girl came in to the office with her mom to sign out one of our high school kids for the day. This little girl was absolutely balling her eyes out. You would have thought the world had fallen down right on her head. She was very, very upset.
I asked her what was making her so sad, and she very seriously said, "My Balloon".
Mom explained that her balloon was left in the car while they came in to pick up brother and the little girl was not happy about it.
Oh, wouldn't it be nice if our biggest stress was a balloon!!??

Another day, my little first grade friend, who visits me every day after school, came in looking very distraught. I asked him what was wrong, and he explained that he had had a very bad day. I asked him why and he simply said, "I got on yellow". Now, for those of you who don't speak "first grade" let me explain what this means: each kid in the class has a card with 3 colors - green, yellow and red. If the kid is good all day he/she will stay on green. If they start acting up and have to be warned more than once, the teacher will ask the kid to turn his/her card to yellow. When the kid continues to get in trouble, he/she will have to turn the card to red and more drastic measures need to be taken.
Well, my little guy has very good parents who give him consequences at home if he gets in trouble at school, and since he "got on yellow" he would have his Nintendo DS and television privileges revoked for a week (What to go parents!!), and my little guy knew that this was probably one of the worst things that could happen in his little world.
Oh, wouldn't it be nice if our biggest stress was getting on yellow!!??

Then you have my junior high kids who come to school tardy and their only excuse is "I woke up late". The rules say that they are to be issued a detention, and to some of them, losing their lunch period is the most horrible thing ever!!!
Then I think - sometimes I don't even get a lunch break and I show up on time to work!!!
Oh, wouldn't it be nice if our biggest stress were detention!!??

Now we get to High School, and all I have to say is one word - Prom. Will I get a date? What will I wear? Will he be able to match? Where do we go for dinner? Do I have enough money for tickets? What will the theme be? How will it be decorated? Will my mom and dad let me borrow the car?
Oh, wouldn't it be nice if our biggest stress were prom!!??

Then our high school kids graduate and they officially become grown ups - where most of us are now...
It's true that some of them will continue to live at home, or they will still be supported by their parents while they go to college, but eventually (and sooner than they know it) they will be living the "grown up life" and they will have brand new stresses: money, bills, higher education, marriage, kids, gray hairs (caused by kids), jobs, cars breaking down, gaining weight (our metabolisms slow down when we get older), midlife crisis, menopause, 401 Ks, sleep deprivation, stock market, politics......the list goes on an on.......

But then I realized, we have been trained for this stuff - we have had the balloon stress and the yellow stress and the detention stress and the prom stress! Each of these stresses has been a little bit bigger and more "grown up" than the last, so we are now able to handle the actual stresses life brings!

So, we can handle this! Whatever we are going through, we can handle it because we have had years of practice!!
Doesn't that make you feel good??

And, somewhere there may be someone who has already gone through what you are going through and saying, "Oh, wouldn't it be nice if my biggest stress was (insert thing here)" because they are on to bigger and better stresses!!!! And there are some people who are just there to help you out because they know what it is like.

I guess my point is, it's all good!! There is stress in life, but we know how to deal with it and there are people there to help and support us, so it's all good!!!!

It's all good!