Monday, November 22, 2010

Grand Theft Auto? Me?

Let me tell you what happened on Thursday night:

6:15pm - Ran around trying to pick up the house because Jon's parents were planning on coming to stay with us.

6:30pm - Left for class (public speaking)

7:00pm - Arrive at CGCC

7:05pm - Get a Diet Dr. Pepper from the machine that has a place where you can swipe a card. You don't even need cash!

7:10pm - Public Speaking begins, complete with impromptu speeches. I was glad I wore make up.

9:35pm - Finish my quiz and get to leave class early. Yipee!!

9:40pm - Talk to Jon and find out that neither of us have eaten. Decide to stop at Subway

9:50pm - Have my yummy sub sandwich in hand. Walk out to the car. Realize I locked the keys in the car. Call Jon to rescue me.

10:00pm - I'm freezing! Jon shows up with a wire hanger and together we start trying to unlock the car.

NOTE:: Here it is important to mention that we are in a crowded parking lot. There are people everywhere. And the car is right under a street light. Everyone can see us. And, the car that is locked is not a very fancy car - at least, all around us there are way fancier cars.

10:30pm - Suddenly two police cars pull up from either side of the parking lot and park around us to block us in - light blazing. I wave at them. An officer gets out of the car, shines his flashlight on us, and explains that he had gotten a call that someone was breaking into a car.

10:35pm - We explain that we just locked the keys in the car, and it is confirmed that we would be the worst car thieves ever because not only is it a poor environment for car stealing, we are really having major troubles getting this car unlocked. The police officer tells the other officer that he can leave.

10:45pm - Jon's parents arrive at our house and sit outside until we call them and tell them that the door to the house is unlocked (in anticipation of their arrival) so they can go in and go to bed.

11:00pm - Between Jon, the Officer and Me we still haven't had any luck, and we have tried all sorts of tricks! It is getting pretty cold. I find a Superman hoodie in the trunk of the other car.

11:45pm - A Good Samaritan comes out of Native New Yorker and explains that he is a member of the "anti-theft association of America" (or something like that......) so he knows all the tricks. He pulls out some tools and all 3 guys get to work.

11:55pm - They are able to pry the door open wide enough for Jon to hook the keys (which were sitting right on the passenger seat) and pull them out. Door is unlocked! Hurray!!

12:00pm - I say thank you to these nice guys who spent their time helping us. I drive our car while Jon drives the car that got locked.

12:10pm - I am finally home (finally went to the bathroom, I had to go really bad the whole time - probably TMI, but it's true) and I'm waiting for Jon.

12:20pm - Jon comes in the back door and tells me that the car he was driving is stuck at the mailboxes (around the block) because he went to check the mail on his way home. We get back in the car and head to the mailboxes.

12:25pm - Jump the car.

12:30pm - We are both home. Jon's parents are in bed. We finally we get to enjoy our delicious sub sandwich. Yes, it was a little soggy and less toasty then it would have been had we eaten it at 9:45pm, but after all of that work, it was a really great sandwich!

12:45pm - Bedtime!

I am so grateful for a wonderful husband who is willing to come and rescue me (and not even get upset with me for absentmindedly leaving the keys in the car), for a nice police officer who stayed with us until we had gotten the keys, and for a good samaritan who was willing to postpone his bedtime to help us out.

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Brenden+Nikki said...

ha ha aw I don't mean to laugh, but SEE - these are the adventures I was talking about the other night! Man that stinks though...because that's a long time to try to get the keys out of the car.

And I'm glad that we are married to patient husbands. Thank goodness for that huh? ha ha. Don't worry - Brenden has to practice patience with me all the time :).