Monday, November 14, 2011


It may be the middle of November, but I am just now blogging about October. But you know what they say, better late than never right??

October just flew by! I guess I should get used to that as the holiday season gets into full swing - is it just me, or did it sneak up this year? Phew!

Anyways, it started with my 24th Birthday on the 2nd. Every year my "Birthday weekend" falls on conference weekend, so Saturday night Jon and his dad and brother, Brenden, went to the Priesthood session of conference. I was at work - and afterwards we were all going to meet at Mom and Dad Saline's house. I showed up and they surprised me with this absolutely adorable cake!

Isn't it so darn cute!?
Well, apparently our nephews weren't that interested in the pink purse cake....they were way more interested in Tangled.....
Here's Keagan and Kaleb.

And here's Collin.

Trust me, when it was time to cut the cake, the movie got paused and they were fully present and accounted for! Yum!
Well, our niece Heidi had a hard time waiting for the men-folk to get home from conference - she was trying so hard to get her hands in the cake and when she was finally able to get a piece, she loved it!!!!!

It was so great to be able to spend time with Jon's parents, Shaunalee and her sweet family, and Brenden and Nikki and their babies. Jon especially loves all of our nieces and nephews, and he is so great with them.

After cake and ice cream, we played games and laughed and just had a wonderful time! It was a fantastic birthday party!! Thank you Mom Saline!
The next day (my actual Birthday) my Daddy invited us over to their house so he could make me a Birthday Breakfast (kind of a tradition). Well, he went to get the eggs out of the fridge, and here's what happened........

Look at his sad face! Luckily we still had enough eggs for breakfast and my biscuits and gravy were so darn good!!! Yum!!!!!!!!!!
We spent the rest of the morning lounging around and watching conference (and maybe sleeping a little bit......oops)
It was wondeful!
Later on we went over to my Grams' house. Her Birthday is the 7th of October, so we decided to have a double birthday party. We had a great dinner and then, instead of cake, we had an ice cream sundae bar complete with chopped up candy bars, graham cracker crumbs and peanuts - so good!
I love spending time with family and friends!

It was a really great Birthday!!! Thank you to everyone!
Later on in the month, Jon and I noticed a cat that kept hanging out around out backyard. Well, we have a built-in grill in our backyard with a big counter top area that, it turns out, is hollow underneath. That is where the cat started living.
Just when we were about to run the cat out of our yard, we discovered this

Yup, that's right. The gal-dern cat had 5 baby kittens under our grill! Ugh!!!!
Mamma cat was doing a really good job of taking care of the kittens, and Jon and I were trying to figure out what to do. We didn't want to hurt the kittens or make Mamma leave them. We considered calling the Humane Society, but they are completely full, and we were sure they would euthanize them. So we were just letting them live there while we thought about it.
Then we noticed that we no longer saw Mamma cat anymore - or the 3 bigger kittens. It was just these last 2 kittens, and they were literally dying. They couldn't even stand up anymore. It was absolutely heartbreaking.
Even though we aren't necessarily cat people, and I am allergic, we decided to bring them inside and nurse them back to health.
I even named them...the gray one is Luna and the orange one is Lottie.

That is a picture of them right after we brought them in - don't they look so unhealthy. After a bath, some food and some time, they perked right up.

They are so stinkin' cute, but they are baby kittens which means that they were in to everything! Not to mention the fact that they were abandoned by Mamma before she taught them to clean themselves, so (warning, this might be too much info) while they were easy to litter box train, they always had terrible dingle-berries! Ugh!
They were a full time job and Jon and I simply aren't home often enough to deal with it! Molly is trained, so she is easy, but baby pets are a lot of work!
We kept saying a lot of prayers because we wanted to do what was best for these sweet kittens, but we didn't think we had it in us to keep them
Our prayers were answered and I met a girl who was looking for kittens to keep in the house - she absolutely fell in love with them and we were so relieved! Phew!!!

Finally, October ended with Halloween, and Jon's incredible costume! He spent the entire month making this entire suit of armor out of just duct tape and poster board! All of his "hinges" actually bend, including the fingers!

Isn't he absolutely amazing!! He never ceases to amaze me with how talented he is! He stood outside the door when trick-or-treaters came up, and he would pretend like he was just a decoration - then he would move or jump out at them and scare them! Don't worry, he didn't do it to the really little ones - but it was so darn funny! He's an incredible man!!!!

All the while I have been in rehearsals for "Grease" at NPC where I play Patty Simcox. We just opened this past weekend and we have 3 more performances this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

October was super busy, super fun, and super fast!!! Bring on the Holidays!