Thursday, August 12, 2010

Malori Reviews All Sorts of Stuff

Ok everyone - for some reason my computer is being stubborn about posting pictures....I need to spend some time researching what is causing this problem, but for now you get a picture-less post. Sorry!


Jon and I got Netflix (which is amazing!! We hooked our Wii up to the internet and we get all sorts of instant movies and shows!! So worth the $9 we spend a month on it. Netflix should really pay me for my mini commercial....) and we have been working on getting caught up on our new favorite addiction - Lost.

We just finished season 5, and are at a bit of a standstill because the next season isn't available until August 24th (and yes, I have been going crazy!) but I can say that we are absolutely loving it!!!!

I can't even pretend to explain the story to any of you "Non-Lost Watchers" I wouldn't even be able to! The story is so darn involved! Each character's story is so detailed. You learn their past stories, and their future stories all while telling their story in the present!! Crazy!

When we first started season 1, I never could have imagined how the story would evolve. It has gone in so many crazy directions - between The Others, The Freighter People, Locke's group, The Dharma People in the 70's - I mean, it is all over the place! The amazing thing though is that the story is not confusing. If you have been watching since the first season it is not hard to follow at all! You fall in love with the characters - and actually hate some of the other characters! It's amazing to feel so strongly about television show characters!

So, I suggest that you find the DVDs of this show and start watching it! But make sure you don't have a whole lot of stuff you need to accomplish because suddenly watching the next episode to "find out what happens" becomes more important than other things - like sleep!


Jon and I are big fans of the restaurant Red Robin. We really enjoy the food and we also enjoy the prices. If you want a great burger, great fish and chips, great clam chowder - all in a fun "sit-down" environment, for not very much dinero - Red Robin is the place.

We love going there with friends and family because it is so fun and low-key!

A couple of weeks ago my mom and I went there and we got this amazing waiter named Chad. He was so nice!! I was looking to try something new and I asked him if their macaroni and cheese was any good, and he flat out told me that he didn't like it and I probably shouldn't order it. I really appreciated his honesty (that's not to say that their other food is not spectacular!). He was very helpful at suggesting things - for example, I asked for some ranch for my fries and he brought me ranch, but he also brought out some "onion ring sauce" just so I could try it - and it was awesome!!! I loved it! It was sort of like ranch mixed with bbq sauce and I'm sure they mixed some happiness in there.......I really appreciated him bringing it out for me just to try!

Then, when we were getting ready to leave - after we had already paid - he asked us if we wanted some to-go cups for our drinks. I said that would be very nice, and instead of bringing out a styrofoam cup for me to dump the rest of my drink in - he went over to the bar and made us brand new drinks (I had a freckled lemonade - yummy!) in these giant 32 oz cups so we could take it home!!! It was so nice!!!

Anyways, if you go to Red Robin by the San Tan Mall - request Chad! But if you can't make it to that Red Robin location, or Chad isn't working at the time you go, don't fret - we have never had a bad waiter at any Red Robin and the food is great!

Thanks Chad!


M.Night Shyamalan directed The Last Airbender and I loved it. I am a huge fan of the cartoon on nickelodeon so I was excited and a little bit skeptical about this movie. There are a lot of critics who did not enjoy it - they say it didn't stay true to the show - but as a fan of the show, I can say that I was not disappointed in what they did. There are practically a million seasons of that show by now, so the fact that they could bring as much of the story in that they did was impressive. I thought all of the actors - in spite of how young they were - did a pretty darn good job.

I was also excited that they left it open for a sequel - if only the critics would just lay off and let us enjoy.

PS - after you watch this movie you will wish that you knew how to do tai chi........just warning you.


Inception - starring Leonardo DiCapro - was a mind-excercising good time. I was hesitant about this movie because I had seen a review that claimed that the story was too complex and hard to keep track of. Heaven knows I don't want to watch a movie that takes so much effort, so I wasn't sure that I would like it.

I was pleasantly surprised!

The story was not too complex. Sure, the total concept - breaking in to people's dreams and planting ideas - is complex by itself, but they do such a great job of explaining all of the "rules" and everyone's jobs - you feel like this is something that can actually happen because the rules make complete sense!!

Not all of the characters had in-depth back stories, but that didn't make you care about them less. Leo had some deep background stories that seeped into his sub-consious and caused them problems in the dreams, but it never got confusing....

I appreciated that the story was not all blowing things up and running around shooting things - it was a good story for an action movie and Jon and I both enjoyed it!


I am watching the finale of So You Think You Can Dance right this moment - yes, as I am writing this blog I am watching the show. They have not announced the winner yet - but we are down to Kent and Lauren - my 2 favorites!!!! I was sad when Robert went home, but I had to agree because I think Kent and Lauren are just a little bit better, but I could not have agreed with the bottom 3 more!!

I have to give you my opinion before we find out who actually wins - I think that Lauren is a better dancer and I hope she wins, but I love, love Kent and what a cutie-patootie he is!!

Oh man, here it comes.........waiting.......this is intense........stop talking and just tell us''s LAUREN!!!!!!


I am seriously so excited for her right now, she is so stinkin' good!!!

This season of Dance has been so great! Such talented dancers, great dances for them to perform - it was a good time!

Tonight, I think the most novel moment was when Ellen DeGenerous came out and danced with Twitch. She is actually pretty darn good for having never been trained! Makes me think that somebody could teach me how to dance! LOL!!

Now it's time for the next season of American Idol....and I'm kind of scared of it without Simon.........we will see.......


Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

Ahhhh... LOST. Best show ever. I love it! (Who's your favorite character? I'm torn between Sayid and Dr. Jack. I heart them both.)

Red Robin. I love that place! Have you ever tried the poppy seed dressing with their fries? It's the perfect marriage of salt & sweet, I think. (I like it way better than the campfire mayo.) Delish!

Inception. Leo in an expensive suit = FREAKING HOT. Seriously. That movie blew my freaking mind, I've been wanting to go back and rewatch it for weeks!

Jim and Brooke said...

We should totally go to Red Robin together sometime! That is our family favorite!!! Of course, we need to wait for 2 weeks until I am off this diet. Isn't that aweful that I am planning places to go and eat all the things I haven't eaten for 4 weeks. We miss you guys! Congrats on all the great stuff that has been happening!

Miken Harding said...

I love your reviews! If you like Lost, you might like Fringe, 24 and the Unit. THose are our favorites! COngrats on 3 years too!!! Have a great week.