Monday, August 30, 2010

Crazy Weekend, True Love, and One Movie Review

This weekend we had planned to have a Saline Reunion Campout. We were very excited because we haven't ever all gone camping together - and it would be so fun to do it before Joy Lynn left on her mission (she is going to Bolivia).

So, Jon and I left early in the day to go scout out a spot by Christopher Creek. Everyone else had work or school, and we both had Friday off, so we were the"chosen scouts". It was a lot of fun though. We got there and saw two different trails that we could use. We hiked up a ways on one trail and never found a spot that would fit enough tents on flat ground. So, we decided to turn around and try out the other trail. We hiked a ways in and finally found the most perfect spot! It was near the creek but up higher than it, so the kids wouldn't get in, it had plenty of soft, flat spots for tents, and it had a huge fire pit. Perfect! The only down side was that it was across the creek. Not across a deep, scary part, but you did have to walk across some rocks to get there.

We decided that if we built a really good rock bridge, it wouldn't be a problem to get everyone across safely and settled in our perfect spot.

So, we set up our tent, our chairs, the food and water we brought, our sleeping bags, the dog's stuff, and then Jon stacked some rocks across the creek that would make it really easy to cross.

It was so perfect - the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, but enough shade from all of the trees to keep it nice and cool in the afternoon. We were excited.

Eventually, Mom and Dad Saline showed up with Joy Lynn and we started unloading the tables and chairs and tents that they brought. It was starting to get a little cloudy, but we had had a soft drizzle earlier in the morning and figured this cloud was merely a repeat of that wimpy storm. We lugged a bunch of stuff across the creek and started setting up.

Then it happened, the clouds burst open and it started pouring!! They were huge drops and we were getting soaked! Not only that but it was already 8pm and the sun was going down, but with this giant black cloud in front of it, it got very dark, very fast!

Then Beau and Shaunalee showed up with their kids, who were really excited to go camping. We tried to set some stuff up, the it got so dark and it was raining SO hard!! So, we decided to pack it up and give up on camping.

This was easier said that done.

We were trying to roll up sleeping bags, take down tents, carry heavy stuff across the creek (that was now raising and our lovely rock bridge was covered in slippery water) and things were was really rough.

By the time we got everything loaded and we got in the car, Jon and I were covered in mud and our clothes were so drenched you could literally ring them out - and we were tired.......

Everyone decided that we would drive up the mountain and get some dinner in Heber (no, we hadn't eaten yet because we were going to cook out at the camp site.....). This was a great idea except that we were soaked and had mud all over us. So I changed into some sweat pants and a hoodie (my dry clothes) and bundled my hair on top of my head - and hoped I didn't see some long lost high school friend that I haven't seen for 5 years (that always happens when you don't look great, and they are always dressed to the nines.....). Luckily the town of Heber closes up pretty early, so there weren't many people at the restaurant and we were able to get some great food, and visit with the family and play with the babies. It was very nice.

Then we all drove up to Snowflake and "camped out" in real beds at Mom and Dad Saline's house.

PS - I brought my camera, but it was raining so hard it would have gotten ruined, so no pictures.....sorry!

The next day Jon and I got up and got ready for my dear friend Alex Brown's wedding. He married the beautiful Katie Evans and it was a wonderful ceremony. It was so nice to see so many friends that I haven't seen in a long time!
Congratulations Alex and Katie!!

PPS - I would have a picture of them on here, but my blog is being stubborn and not letting me post pictures - if you have any suggestions as to why this is happening, it would be great to be able to figure it out!!

* * * * * * * * *


Now that I have Netflix, I have access to all sorts of documentaries and independent films. Some of them do not look interesting, but Netlix suggested that I might like an independent film called "Arranged" based on some of my other selections.

Netflix was right!

The movie is about an Orthodox Jewish girl and a Muslim girl. They both end up teaching at the same school, and are treated differently at work because of their "strange" customs. Eventually they become friends because they can understand each other's situations - and become even closer when they realize both of their religions share a similar custom - arranged marriages.

The story shows them both going through the steps of finding a "match" - and learning about each other and growing closer and closer.

I loved this movie!! I loved the positive light it cast on both religions. I loved how it explained that even though you would think that they would be polar opposites - the two religions were actually very similar in their customs. And I especially loved how, in spite of their differences, and even the bigger political differences their cultures have, these two women were able to lean on each other and learn from one another, and encourage one another in their beliefs.

There is one scene where the Jewish girl is feeling very discouraged about finding a match, and the entire process, and she explaining her feelings to the Muslim girl who isn't having much success herself. The Muslim girl listens to the Jewish girls' concerns and then says, "we both have faith that God has a plan for us" - how interesting that they could encourage each other in faith.

Basically I loved this movie and recommend that you get your hands on it and watch it!!


Kay and Krystal said...

Oh what a bummer about the camping trip..but it does sounds pretty entertaining! I'm glad you guys had a good time anyways. We were supposed to go to Alex and Katies wedding last weekend too but our plans fell through but I'm so glad it turned out nice!

Myra said...

Oooh, I want to see that movie. I shall Netflix it for this weekend. I had some great Palestinian friends in my Hebrew class that wanted to learn Hebrew so they could talk to their Jewish friends. The idea that Jews and Muslims all hate each other is preposterous. It's sad to see Americans just a group of people like Muslims as a whole for the acts of a small minority. It's like judging all Mormons based on the polygamy sects (which people think are actually LDS, even though they aren't). Anyway, enough ranting, thanks for the recommendation.

Rob and Kimmie said...

I am totally going to rent that movie because you really are my favorite, most trusted movie critic!
p.s. I LOVE Red Robin too! It's my favorite@