Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun News

We have some fun news!

First of all, Jon's little sister Shuanalee and her husband Beau had their third baby yesterday. She is a beautiful little girl named Heidi and we are so excited to have her as part of the family!!
Everything with the labor and delivery went perfectly (and kinda quickly)! We already love her and we love Shauna and her whole family!! Now Keagan and Kaleb have a new little sister to take care of!
I will wait to post pictures because I don't want to steal that thunder from Shauna and Beau, but trust me when I tell you that she is just adorable!

Also, for those of you who aren't on facebook, Jon got a very prestigious award at school. It is called the Order of the Barristers and it is one of only 2 honors programs offered by law schools. This is a national award and he can use it for his entire career! I am so proud of him!

In other Jon news, he also passed the MPRE - a huge ethics test required to be permitted into the Bar. It was a 3 hour test and Jon studied very hard. He is so relieved that that hurtle is over!!!

That is pretty much it for us right now, but it was all so excited I had to report it!!


laneybug said...

Way to go Jon! I think he gets his smarts from me!! do I get my slide show to stay as the top post? Ps....thanks for the comment on my blog!! Love ya!!

Miken Harding said...

Yeah to you and Jon and all your great work as a wife. You are most of the reason he does so well. Congrats Jon to marrying a ROCK! You are pretty smart too:) Can't wait to see you guys. Congrats to Shaunalee, love that girl, you really married into one fo the most amazing families I have ever met!

Rob and Kimmie said...

Congratulations on all of your exciting happenings!!!! (: