Monday, May 3, 2010

Malori Reviews All Sorts Of Stuff

Hi Everyone,
We had internet in our house for a few months (and it was wonderful) but then our neighbors moved and we suddenly didn't have internet that is why I have been a blogging lame-o.
So, I am blogging at work (so many shameful confessions today!) and for some reason my computer is not allowing me to add pictures - something to do with the filter thing to keep the kids off bad web sites - so I am going to review stuff, but you can't see pictures of it. So there! (hee, hee, hee)
* * * *


If you haven't seen this fantastic throw back to the original (and wonderful) Disney Princess movies - you need to! It is classically animated - none of this computer generated stuff (that is great, but don't you miss the regular cartoons), full of singing and music, and has a great story! I actually cried (for those of you who know me know that isn't a huge thing - I cry in TV that one for Kodak with the dad and his new baby and he is sending a picture to "grammy" - yup, I cried like a baby the first couple of times I saw that one).
Princess Tiana grows up in a poor family in New Orleans, and she and her dad have a dream of opening a restraunt called "Tiana's Place". When her father passes away, she dedicates her life to working hard and making enough money to make their dream a reality.
Unfortunately the work of a voodoo man turns Tiana into a frog and she and a handsome prince have to go on a crazy adventure to become human again - and meanwhile they fall in love.
Just add this one to my list of favorite Disney movies ever!

* * * *


I love burritos. That is all there is to it. I am a huge fan of burritos - and a huge, HUGE fan of Chipotle's burritos!
I always order a chicken burrito with black beans, rice (that they make with lime and cilantro...and a bit of happiness) green sauce, lettuce and extra cheese.
Rip off the tin-foil and be prepared to smile from ear to ear (which is hard to do when you mouth is full of goodness, but you will do it anyways).
Jon prefers the barbacoa - and it is really good too.
We can order just one burrito and cut it in half and be completely full!
Their only downfall is their chips. Jon loves them because they are dusted with some kind of lime powder stuff that Jon really likes and I think is gross, but you don't have to order them and the problem is solved.
Show Low doesn't have a Chipotle, so I had never heard of it until we moved down here, and I was missing out.
If you haven't been there - go there!

* * * *


Seriously, if you don't see any other movie this entire year, you must see this movie! I loved it, loved it, LOVED IT!!!!!
It is so funny. It is so well animated. It is so touching. The morals are great. The writing is great. The voices are great. It is just great!
I cried in this movie too, but because I was so happy! The ending is probably the most touching endings I have ever seen on an animated movie.
I went into it thinking I was going to see another Dreamworks "Kung Fu Panda" type. That wouldn't be bad, I liked "Kung Fu Panda", but it didn't change my life or anything.
Needless to say, I was very pleasantly surprised!
I am not going to tell you about it, because I don't want to spoil anything for you.
All I am going to say is watch this movie. It is seriously that good!

* * * *


I'm not going to focus on this too much because I don't want to bring the mood down or make this a political blog (even though it would be so cool to have a political blog!) but I do want to say that people need to stop saying things about it when they haven't even read it.
This bill does nothing but do more to enforce already standing federal laws. It gives authority to law enforcement to enforce immigration laws and does not include racial profiling or anything unconstitutional.
We are all required to carry documentation - I am required to produce a driver's license when I get pulled over - and it has been a federal law since 1946 that legal immigrants have to carry their visa or green card with them at all times. This has been a law for over 60 years, the problem is that nobody has enforced it.
Yes, this should have been taken care of on a federal level, not a state level. But, nobody was doing anything on the federal level and meanwhile people in Arizona are being murdered, cops are being shot, drugs are being smuggled in, gangs are growing, and people who are not citizens are taking away jobs, demanding free education and health care, and that we learn Spanish to accommodate them.
I also agree with the argument that this will take time away from our regular law enforcement so they won't be able to spend all of their time fighting regular crime - but again, if this had been taken care of on a federal level, we would not be forced to take action as a state.
And in conclusion, why is Shakira suddenly an expert on all of this? Why should we even think twice about what she has to say about it?
I could go on and on, but I am just going to say, read the bill and learn for yourself what it actually says instead of depending on what the alphabet networks and celebrities are telling you to believe.

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Tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day - so tell a teacher how much you appreciate them.

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I can't review all sorts of stuff and leave out American Idol!! I have really enjoyed this season, especially since they got rid of the not-so-great singers that they seemed to have in abundance at the beginning of the season.
Now I am torn between Bowersocks and DeWyze. I love them! Don't get me wrong, Big Mike is really good, but not my style. Still really talented though.
I was sad that Siobhan got kicked off before Kasey the blonde lame-o who can't sing, and is not a cute as everyone says he is, and Aaron. Sure he is talented, but as far as stage presence goes....he just does not have it!
So, this Tuesday make sure you call in and vote for Mamma Socks and Lee so they can be down to the bottom two! If they were the bottom two I would be thrilled with either of them winning!

* * * *

In personal news, Jon's last final is on Wednesday! I don't know who is more excited - him or me! I can't wait until he is all finished!
His graduation is coming up soon! I know I am going to cry when he walks across the stage in his cap and gown and receives his degree! It is going to be so awesome!
My Little Sista is coming home on the 12th! I am so excited for her to be home, and to hang out with her and the rest of my family in July (even though I will miss Jon like crazy!)
We are going to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom when they come down to pick up Laney so we will all be together! It will be so nice!
Lon and Kim are blessing their new little baby Emerie on Mother's Day. It will be so nice to see all of Jon's family!
This month is going to be crazy, but I am so excited for all of the big events!!
Yay for May!


Rob and Kimmie said...

Are we the same person!? Seriously, i always agree with everything you review and love reading what you have to say! I totally agree with you about the movies, American Idol (those are my top two picks as well) and Chipotle, whose burritos i crave and dream about! And yes, I agree with you about the immigration bill1
We have like twin brains or something!

Shellee said...

I think Kimmie, you and I are related... intellectually. I also agree with you on everything... except I am an avid DeWyze fan. He needs to win, he's been awesome!
Immigration is wonderful if done LEGALLY. I'm very firm in this and while some (in Utah) are asking for us to have compassion, they are forgetting that we are the gateway to their state. If we stop them here, Utah won't have the huge problem either.
So many comments, so little space and time.

Miken Harding said...

I love how you do your reviews! They are super! WE changed our party to the 15th of May forgot it was Mothers Day weekend. So hopefully you guys can make it. 5pm our house. send me your email and I'll give you directions.