Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baseball and Dog Diapers

Yesterday Jon took me on a tour of Chase Field (or, as I like to call it, the baseball field formerly known as Bank One Ball Park - aka - BOB) Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks!  His Private Property Law Professor was one of the lead attorneys when they were trying to get the land for the park, so he has some pull when it comes to getting stuff.......
He arranges a tour for his students and their families every year - so Jon took me.
It was so neat to see all the ins and outs of what goes on there - how things are run, where they hide offices and things, and what the "rich fans" get to do and see.
Below you will see the championship ring and the world series trophy. They come from Tiffany's - I thought that was exciting because I knew what Tiffany's was and so I could pick it out of a bunch of baseball terms.

Then we saw the pool. I sat next to the pool (in those seats you can see in the picture) in high school when our senior class got to go to a game. It is is neat because when the D-Backs score a home run, giant pillars of water shoot up and it all lands in the pool. This is a great picture of the pool, and Jon was very proud of it.....he is so talented!!
Here is the view of the field from one of those expensive and super nice and super ritzy party suites. It's a pretty darn good view and the suite is pretty darn nice - catered and full of marble and flat screens......
This is the view from the media lounge, room, place......where the news people sit in order to see what is going down on the field.
This is the view from the Diamondbacks' dugout! 
Here is Jon in the dugout! 
Here I am sitting right on the D-Backs' ergonomically correct bench! Can you believe Luis Gonzalez (a huge high school crush of mine) sat on this very bench!?!?!
Here we are being very excited!!
We got to see background rooms and all sorts of different views of the field. The entire time I kept thinking that my Papa (my dad's dad) would have loved to be there! He played in the Minors and has always had a passion for baseball. He has loved the D-Backs since they were first invented! He loves to watch them on TV and yell at the coach because he is sure he would do a better job! Hee hee hee!

In other news, Molly is in heat. Yes, we are bad pet owners and have not gotten our pet spay or neutered (sorry Bob Barker), so she is pretty gross right now.
We went to Pet Smart and got her a little re-usable diaper and some little puppy maxi-pads. They work really well, but Molly hates them!! She is so embarrassed when we put it on her! He hides in the back rooms or under the furniture and won't come out for anything! We have tried to get her out with treats and everything, but she has no interest in anything when she has that thing on. We feel so bad for her. She waddles around the house looking so ashamed. Poor little girl!
Here is a picture of her little diaper on her hiney.
Here she is hiding her face from the camera
She finally looked up, but as you can see, she is not happy about it!

My poor little girl.....


Terra Lynn said...

cool shots of the tour! Sounds fun! And you are right, Papa would love it!
As for poor Molly, think about how we (girls) feel during "that time". I don't blame her for hiding! I never understood why they decided to call it your "special time" cuz it is totally not! Poor baby.

Laurie said...

Okay, I know it's wicked of me to laugh, but ... HAHAHAHAHAHA, those shots of Molly made me laugh out loud. Holy moses, that's some funny stuff. I had no idea they made doggie diapers/pads. Oh, that's excellent...

And, sweet tour of the park, btw. You two look like you had a great time. :-)

Brennon & Amber Adams said...

Hey Malori love your blog! You and Jon are so cute together! Thanks for holding Bailey on Sunday! You are seriously a life saver!