Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Our TV broke. Not the whole thing, just the part where you plug the cable cord into it. This means we have not had cable (yup, no American Idol - it's making me crazy - doesn't the TV know it's close to the end!!???) and have had to fend for ourselves.
Luckily, we stumbled upon the first season of Heros - a show we have been interested in, but never had a chance to catch up on.
Let me tell you a little bit about this show:
The idea is that evolution will take over and the human race will die out because of the natural progression of things - but, evolution will take over and there will be a few normal, average Joe type of people who will be born with a slight difference in their DNA which will allow them to survive the extinction and move our species forward.
These people have special "powers" because of their DNA and they have to figure out how to use them and how to adapt to them.
At the same time there are people in the "company" who are trying to get them and study them (their entire intentions have not yet become known to me, I just know that they are bad) and there is one "special" guy name Sylar who is killing all of the "special people" and stealing their powers so he can have a bunch of them.
All the while they are trying to save New York from getting blown up which is destin to happen because Isaac - the guy who can paint the future - painted it.........
It is like Xmen meets soap opera meets steroids.....and it's awesome!!
I totally recommend it - but watch a happy show before you go to bed cuz it is intense and can cause some strange nightmares!!


DR Gunderson Family said...

david and i loved this show too, until this latest season, season 4? Not sure, but the acting and storyline just got ridiculous, absolutely stupid, not joke. So enjoy the first couple seasons then stop before you get that nasty "this show sucks" taste in your mouth. You"ll thank me later :)Instead go to ABC.com and watch all the seasons of LOST, it's a billion times better :)

Brennon & Amber Adams said...

I love this show too! Totally agree with the whole soap opera meets x men! You described it perfectly!

Terra Lynn said...

Your dad and brother are totally into this show. I have watched a couple with them, but they know all the "stuff". I don't personally think that "The Cheerleader" can act at all, but hey, people on soaps usually can't either right?
Some of the other characters are very intriging though and the story line will suck you in whether you want or not!

Laurie said...

Mmmm... Peter Petrelli was my tv boyfriend for a couple years (until I got hooked on Lost and switched to Sayid - and Sawyer - and Dr. Jack - and Desmond).

I do love Heroes. Well, the first season anyway. LOVED the first season. Still grooved on season two, though the twins did make me want to climb a wall. I'm about midway through season three and need to catch up on Hulu.

If you need dvd's for season 1, let me know because I have it. :-)