Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FInally Good Luck...and Movies

Usually I am spending my blog space whining about bad luck that seems to follow me everywhere - due to breaking 2 mirrors in a 3 year period) - but somehow a bit of good luck seemed to get lost on it's way to someone who hasn't broken mirrors and land right on me!
Do you wanna hear all about it? Of course you do!!
First:   I was in a car accident a while ago (see previous posts) and we were very afraid that the guy who hit me was going to lie and that his insurance wasn't going to take our claim. This was a source of many pimples in my life for quite a while, so imagine my relief when we got a call from his insurance telling us they decided to take our claim and fix our car! We got the car completely fixed and we got a rental car and everything!
Second:   Jon has interviewed for a few externships with no success....they have mostly been small law practices and stuff. Then he got called in for an interview with a judge at the Arizona Court of Appeals (the big league). He went and interviewed and just a couple hours later he got a call letting him know he got the position!! Jon was so cute about it! You could tell that he was trying to hard to act calm about it, but he was so excited (still is so excited about it). It was like a huge weight had been lifted off of him and he has been so much happier since then! I was so proud of him!!
Third:  Back to the car issue. We were hoping that the other guys car insurance would pay for part of the medical bill that my medical insurance wouldn't pay for (whoa - that sentence sounded like a grown-up one huh?) and possibly the co-payment. We didn't think that we would get anymore from them then that - nor did we really care to get more than that. Well, needless to say that after a conversation with the agent about the bill, the time taken off of work, and other things...well....I will just say they are giving us a bit more than we were hoping for. 
With that we are now able to get some cell phones that work! I got mine tonight, but Jon's upgrade doesn't come till April.
I love my new phone!!!
So that is the story of my good luck! I am so happy!! 

New Subject

Lately it seems that we have been watching a bunch of movies. Some of them have been really good and others have been less than really good.....here are Malori Jo's thoughts on the movies:

Marley and Me
I give this movie 2 thumbs up! I loved Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston! I'll be honest - I thought it would be a cheesy dog movie, but it proved me wrong. 
This movie was about so much more than a dog - it was about life. Not just "movie life" - by that I mean the way Hollywood thinks "real life" is for the normal American - but actual life. 
They struggle through jobs they dislike, jobs they do like, not making enough money and therefore having to live in less-than-safe areas of town, children, depression, marital fights, marital bliss, and other things families and couples go through. 
Still, the theme of this movie is sticking together. In spite of all of the problems Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson's characters stay together and grow together through it. 
Ok, the movie is also about a dog - a cute, pain-in-the-butt dog that you grow to love so much!!
Not only that, but it was a clean movie! Imagine that!
I laughed, I cried - this movie is a must see!

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button
When I left the theater after this movie I wasn't sure how I felt about it. After I thought about it, I decided that is was a "cheap theater movie".  Let me explain what that means - it is worth seeing, but don't pay for the actual theater........not that good.
Don't get me wrong, Brad Pitt was fantastic, the make-up blew my mind, and the story was interesting. 
Still, the movie was 3 hours long, and it felt like it. It was long........
Also, the character of Benjamin has many different "partners" - one of which is a harlot and the other is married! He is quite a drinker too.....this movie is not for the kids that's for sure.
But, it was beautifully done and worth seeing - in the cheap theater - if you have nothing else to spend 3 hours on.

The Mummy 3 (and I don't remember the rest of the name)
This movie was pretty lame....
I was so sad because I really liked the other Mummy movies.
The special effects were kind poor, the plot was really poor, and the acting was really really poor.
The lady they got to play his wife was especially bad. I really loved the first lady, and this new lady did not fill her shoes at all!
I don't even remember enough about it to tell you how awful it was - and I just watched it last night!!
Don't waste your time.......

So there you have it - straight from the horse's mouth (I don't really understand what that cliche means....)

Stay tuned next time for more thoughts of Malori Jo!

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