Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi Everyone,
We have good and bad news - we are moving. Our lease is up on the 30th of this month and we are going to be heading to an apartment complex in Gilbert.
It is a little bitter/sweet for us. We are excited to move. The apartment we are going to is bigger and a bit nicer, so that is very exciting.
It's sad because we love our ward! You guys are incredible and we love you all so much!! We have made very close friends, and I hope those friendships will continue in spite of not seeing each other every Sunday.
We still have a couple weeks left, so we are packing like crazy and trying to get things together (this moving thing was kind of sudden) - we didn't realize we had so much stuff!! It's incredible what you can accumulate over the course of 2 years!!
I will keep you all posted on our moving adventure!!


Laurie said...

Awh, man! I'm so bummed (for me) that you're moving - but am super excited (for you) that you'll have a nicer/bigger place. I guess this means that I'll need to check in on your blog more often, so I know what you two are up to. It sure has been fun having you in the ward, I'll miss you like mad! (Who else lets me sit by them and distract them through the lesson in RS?!)

Jim and Brooke said...

Malorie and Jon!! I wish it weren't true! I am feeling selfish right now, and want you to stay! Well, if you must, we will surely have to still do fun things together!

Corinne said...

I am SO SO SAD!!! I'm so glad that I can at least still stalk you on the blog especially since I won't be seeing you much anymore. You have to keep in touch and blog often :) Good luck! We love you guys! If you need help with anything let me know.

Rob and Kimmie said...

Oh NO!!!! You guy are the best! I have so many good things to say about you! Our ward is totally gonna miss you! Now I will just have to continually blog-stalk you! Good luck! You will be adored wherever you go!