Saturday, August 29, 2009

Zip Line and $20.00

A few weeks ago we went to Bro. Caldwell's house in Taylor. Over the little creek out there he has built a zip line. It goes in a giant triangle from tree to tree and I was so afraid that I would chicken out! Apparently Jon had no qualms about jumping out there and hanging upside down!!

Luckily they strapped us up in these major harnesses with some very serious ropes and pulleys and stuff - and I made sure that it would hold me!
Here is dad flying through the air!! He kept turning backwards so he had to land backwards!
Here is a picture of a Moo Cow that was just sitting on the wrong side of the creek watching us. We kept flying over it's head and it would watch us and then eat some grass as though seeing people flying was the most natural thing in the world.
Here is mom. She was very nervous because she is very afraid of heights. But she was determined and after a while she didn't have any problems stepping off of the edge!
Here I am!! After some major pep-talking from Jon, I finally was brave enough to step off! It was soooooo exciting!! After I stepped off the first time, I was so brave - not as brave as Jon (no upside down stuff for me) - but very brave.
Here's Tanner Man - he was so funny! You could tell that he was a little bit nervous, but he had to be brave since he is now a big, tough football player. Soon he was a pro!!

It was such a fun adventure!!!! I didn't think that I would like it - but it turns out, I loved it!!!! Thanks Mom and Dad!
* * *
On our trip home from Snowflake (after the zip line experience) Jon spotted something flapping on the road in Star Valley. He said that it looked like a dollar and that we needed to turn around.
Now, I was just thinking that he was crazy and that it was a leaf that looked like a dollar and we were turning around for nothing - but he was determined.
We turned the car around and I got in the drivers seat. Then we pulled in to a little shop near the alleged dollar.
I sat in the driver's seat and watched as my sweet (but hallucinating) husband ran out into the crowded street and picked up this "imaginary" dollar.
His grin was priceless!! He ran out of the road holding up his prize like a kid who just earned hs first allowance!
He climbed back in the car with a big "Woo-Hoo!!!!" and handed me not a leaf, not a dollar, not even five dollars. My husband handed me a $20 bill!
You would have thought he won the jackpot, and of course I couldn't help but be excited! $20 in the middle of the street? We must be lucky!!!!


Rob and Kimmie said...

$20 is SO lucky! I found a dollar at Walmart the other day and was thrilled. And the zip line sounds fun, but I am a uge wimp and admire your courage cause I could NEVER do it!

Kevin and Alyssa said...

Wow Jo I am so proud of you! What a brave woman you are!!! Sheesh it freaks me out just looking at Jon hang upside down like that. Whoa 20 dollars in the road?! Check you out rich girl!