Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All The Difference

The last time Jon and I were in Utah, we stopped and visited some people at a store he used to work at. The store is the only real wood turning store in the world!!
While we were there, he let me pick a block of wood for my very own piece of art!!
It was just a giant cubed chunk of wood when I picked it - and he turned it into this amazing piece!
He named it "All The Difference"
I love my sweet husband so very much - he is without a doubt the most talented person I know!!
When I was showing this picture to some people at work, one of the ladies said, "what can your husband not do?"
I couldn't come up with anything!! He is seriously amazing!!!
I am a lucky girl!!!


Terra Lynn said...

You are right...he is pretty amazing! I think that I have 4 of the most talented kids ever known. And the finish on this piece makes all the difference too. It is stunning!

***LIZ*** said...

I think your husband is awesome and has a wife to match! I love this piece it is beautiful.

Amy said...

That is beautiful!

Kay and Krystal said...

Wow! I LOVE it..that is so neat that he can do stuff like that! I'm very impressed it's really so beautiful!

beau.shaunalee said...

OH MY WORD!!!! I CANNOT get over how beautiful that is. He never ceases to amaze me. Jon needs to enter that into a turning competition! ...and for the good news minute in Relief Society today I told everyone that I had finally gotten my September Ensign!! and a lot of people had seen and remembered the platter. They were really excited that it wss mY brother's!!

Kay and Krystal said...

I'm not sure if I will stick to it..but I would like to. They are not like old school cloth diapers..they are actually almost like disposable except i have to wash them..I don't have to pin things or anything like that..just velcro it shut..ha.

Rob and Kimmie said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! That is an amazing piece of art, and that is so fun that you got to pick the wood for it! I can't get over how gorgeous that piece is, and how awesome that must be to see a piece of wood turned into something so beautiful! I agree with Liz, an awesome husband with an awesome wife to match!