Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 and Stuff

Christmas was incredible this year! Jon and I had a great time with family, and we got so spoiled! It was awesome and we are so blessed to have such incredible families who love us so much! We love you guys!

Now it is 2011. Did that sneak up on you like it did on me? I mean, I felt like Christmas was sneaky this year, but New Years really just jumped right out there, and...BOO! It was 2011! Wow! I feel like 2010 was the fastest year of my whole life!

There are a lot of people of people who don't like New Years resolutions - they feel like you shouldn't have to set goals at the beginning of the year but they should instead be setting goals throughout the year. I agree, we should be setting goals throughout the year. Still, I am what Jon likes to call, a "Monday girl". I won't start a diet or a new goal until Monday because that is the beginning of a new week and I like to start things fresh. If it is really close to a new month, I won't start a new goal until the new month (and if that new month starts on a Monday...well, I am just really ready to go!), and so you can see how a whole new year gets me really excited for goals and resolutions. I love them and I really try to keep them.....for a while....until I forget....or get distracted....and then I realize that Christmas is upon me and I haven't actually kept my goals. It's a vicious cycle.

So, I am taking a new approach to my goals. I am going to tell you about my goals and then at the beginning of every month I will report back on how I am doing with them. That way I will be held accountable to somebody. Now, I am asking my dear readers to keep me in line. Be tough on me. Don't let me become a slacker. If I don't report one month - remind me! I know, it's not entirely fair to burden you with keeping me on track - but I think this might actually help me accomplish some of them.

Ok, here is my list of five resolutions complete with a brief explanation of either why or how I am going to accomplish them.

1) LOSE WEIGHT - Yes, this is a stereotypical goal for New Years, but I really need to jump on this bandwagon. I have gained about 40 pounds since I got married. This is certainly not something I am proud of. Of course I had help from fertility drugs which encouraged probably about 20 pounds or so on their own (pounds that were practically impossible to lose while I was still on the medicine), but I am not without fault. I have virtually stopped exercising and I don't eat great. So, I am determined to exercise for at very least 1 hour, Monday through Friday. I am also going to watch what I eat. I am not going to follow any specific diet plan, but I am going to be aware of the calories and serving size and cut back. My goal is to lose those extra 40 pounds by the end of the year. I think this is a realistic goal and I will only become healthier by doing this. I need to get new batteries for my scale, but when I do I will post my weight weekly. Yes, it might be shameful, but I think it will be very helpful.

2) READ SCRIPTURES AND SAY PRAYERS - Now, Jon and I do a pretty good job at saying prayers. We pray together all the time. The problem is that I tend to count those "together" prayers as my personal prayers. I mean, I say prayers all day long for different things, but I don't do great at the morning and night, on my knees, by myself kind of prayers. So I need to do better at that. As far as scripture study goes - Jon and I do really great when we have a routine, but as soon as that routine gets jostled (ie: Christmas in Snowflake) we get off track and we struggle to get back on track. So, we are going to make a point to not get off track...I am going to make it a top priority in our day.

3) BUDGET - Jon and I need to do better at setting up a budget. We have always just sort-of mentally evaluated how we are going to spend each paycheck, which bills, how much we can spend on groceries, etc...but we haven't been great at actually sitting down, building an actual budget, and following it. I have a great system in mind and I am excited to start it and see that extra financial stress calm down a little bit. I think that is our biggest stress and we need to do something to help it subside a little bit.

4) STAY ORGANIZED - I want to get my life organized. Every aspect of it. Or at least I am going to really try to. I want to stay on top of things as well as I can so that I don't get stressed or feel overwhelmed. I want to keep a good schedule and keep on top of things like laundry and stuff. I am hoping that this will cut out the extra stresses and help me prioritize my life a little bit better.

5) REMEMBER ABUNDANCE - At Time Out For Women a year ago there was an incredible woman named Emily Freeman who really touched me with her talk about abundance and counting our blessings. So I bought her book called "The Promise of Enough: Seven Principles of True Abundance" and I read it in one afternoon. It was an incredible book and it has such great stories and lessons about realizing our blessings in the midst of difficult trials, or just life in general and about being happy with where we are in life and not waiting to be happy when...(something happens). I could go on and on about how great this book is, but instead I am just going to tell you to read this book and I am going to tell you that I am going to make a point to count my blessings and be happy with where I am in life. I am going to stay positive, give people the benefit of the doubt, and not dwell on my trails. I know this might be hard because it will require an attitude overhaul, but I think I can do it!

So that is it - my five resolutions. I will report each month on how they are coming. I hope that it doesn't get super boring for you guys, but I really think it will help to have the extra support.

Happy New Years Everyone!!! I hope you have a great 2011!!


Whitney and Michael said...

I think new year resolutions are great too- I think I am a "Monday" sort of person too ;) good word for it! And those are great ones to work on, simple, yet really good ones that can really benefit your life! It will be fun to read how they come along this year ;)

Kay and Krystal said...

Those are great resolutions..I do the whole "Monday" thing all the funny. GOOD LUCK!

Miken Harding said...

YEah....great goals. We should both set one to meet!:)I hear ya on the prayers-I'm glad I'm not the only one. Have you hear of Dave Ramsey-Total Money Make Over-we paid off 25K in 15 months....You can do it!!! You inspire me to do my blog again! Do you want to do Transformation with me? I'm starting in Feb. go check out the website. You could win $50K!!! Tell everyone hi! Happy new year!