Sunday, September 30, 2012

Really quick thought...

Tomorrow we find out the gender of the Grubb, and you can bet that I will be on here posting about that and everything else that has been going on with this pregnancy! But today I wanted to share a fast little thought about my amazing husband. I am always amazed and touched by how quickly he is ready to serve other people. When he gets a call to go give a blessing - no matter what time of the day or night - he is out of his regular clothes and in a shirt and tie faster than anything and on his way to help. And every time I feel so blessed to be married to a man who is ready at a moment's notice to go and serve members of our ward and to serve our Heavenly Father. Never mind all of the things he does for me all the time - making me breakfast, helping with housework, rubbing my swollen feet, hugging me when I am having a hormonal, emotional breakdown about something silly, surprising me with beautiful roses on the nightstand....I could go on and on. I am such a lucky girl! I love you Jon!

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