Thursday, October 9, 2008


I would like to start off by sending a "shout out" to my very first blog commenter - Thanks Nikki!!! Yup, that's right everyone, the Great Blog Master herself (not to mention one of the sweetest people you will ever meet in your life)
Anyways, I had the hiccups today. We talked about hiccups at FHE the other night with Lon and Kim and Brendin and Nikki, and I got some good tips from them on how to rid of them (did you know that Lon and Jon are close to holding world records for longest hiccup "sessions"?). So I figured that there was no way these hiccups would last since I had gotten professional advice.
I started with Jon's method - Pay really close attention to not moving your diaphragm - and that did not work....
So, I moved on to Nikki's full-proof plan - Putting a pencil across the cup of water and drinking through it - and that didn't work either.
Finally I went to the advice from Lon - I drank the water upside down and backwards - and it was a success!!! They went away!!! I was cured!!! A miracle!!!
Talk about exciting!!!!

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Brenden+Nikki said...

ha ha yay!! Well at least one of them worked. I just can't believe my method didn't work. I'm so disappointed! :)