Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Break

Last week I was off of work for Fall Break. I don't know who came up with Fall Break because there isn't really a good reason for a break in the middle of October - but I am sure glad we have it!!!
It's not like I did a whole lot of amazing things. I had big plans to clean up my house and organize my life....but my week was automatically doomed on Monday when I watched Regis and Kelly, as well as a soap opera called One Life To Live. There went two hours of my day...each day...for the rest of the week!!
Yup, I was one of "those" people. You know what I mean, the kind of people who sit and watch daytime television - - lame, I know, and if I was a "stay at home" lady, I would not be "that"person, but since it was one week of freedom, I thought I deserved to lounge a little.
On Monday my Sisters-In-Law came over and we made some cute little message boards out of pizza pans. They ended up looking really cute.
We spent some time with the Crandells who are great friends!
Jon had his Moot Court competition, which didn't go as well as he planned. I felt bad for him because he had worked so hard on it, and it turned out not being exactly what they wanted. It was a really good learning experience for him, and he can still put it on his resume so that is a good thing. He will know what to expect next time.
He also had an interview at an insurance company. He said that he felt really good about the interview and I was so excited for him!! The job is really great! It would give him a lot of experience and not pay to badly keep him in your prayers!
Friday we went home to Snowflake to help my sister get ready for the Homecoming dance her boyfriend asked her to go to. She left in the morning for the "day date" and we went with the entire "Matyas Clan" on a hay ride to the corn maze at the Willis' farm. It was pretty fun and the little kids were so excited when they found the next point in the maze.
Then Laney came back and we got her all ready - she looked so beautiful!! (I will put pictures on here when I get the pictures off of the camera) and he didn't look to bad either. When she came out of the bedroom, he just looked so amazed and he said that she was beautiful!! It was so sweet!!!
Other than that, I spent the week doing all of the laundry, napping, playing with the puppy and doing Richard Simmons to counterbalance all the sitting lazily.
It was magnificent!

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