Monday, October 20, 2008

Core Rhythms Dance Videos

Ok, so a few weeks ago I saw an infomercial for a dance video called Core Rhythms Dance Videos. I was completely hooked, but I thought for sure Jon would think it was a silly thing - especially because it is endorsed by the lady off of So You Think You Can Dance who he thinks is super annoying - so I never brought it up.
Then a couple weeks later, Jon saw it too. I told him that I thought it was pretty cool, and he said, "would you actually use it?"
Of course I answered with a very resounding, "yes!!" and he said, "Well, why don't you order it?"
Oh man, I was so excited!!! Unfortunately I missed the number on the infomercial and had to wait till the next day for work to come around so I could order it online.
I ordered, and waited patiently (well...not so patiently) for the DVD's to show up at my house, but they didn't come and didn't come....
Then, Thursday evening, we got the golden ticket in the mailbox! The one that says that there is a package waiting for me in the manager's office! I almost died of excitement!!!!!!!
Jon went and picked it up and I tore it open and immediately started using the special measuring tape (included in the starter package) to measure all my body parts, and I was pouring over the diet and dance information!
Then I put in the video and started learning how to shake my hips to lose inches - and it was awesome!!!
I learned all sorts of real dance moves and I was having a great time doing these sweet little latin dances. When I was done, I was actually sore and tired like I had been working out!!!
Not only is it a super duper exercise, but it comes with a disc that teaches you how to take the smokin' hot moves you learned in the exercise and turn them into actual partner dances!!!
Now I am trying to talk Jon in to shakin' his booty right along with me (it hasn't worked yet, but we will see what happens...)
Ok, this has sounded an awful lot like a commercial, but I am so excited about this new video and I will keep you updated on my progress!!
Let's see if it really works as well as What's-Her-Bucket on So You Think You Can Dance says!

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