Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Be Prepared!

One of my favorite Disney movies is The Lion King (in fact, I am going to see it on Broadway because my sweet husband loves and spoils me!). In that movie there is a great song called "Be Prepared" sung by the evil uncle Scar to his pack of hyena minions.
Well, it seems that we are hearing the "Be Prepared" tune sung more and more by our church leaders and now even popular public figures!
There is a great article that Jon found - you can find it at: http://www.glennbeck.com/content/articles/article/198/16799/?ck=1
It is by Glenn Beck and it is all about being prepared temporally, spiritually, and intellectually. He addresses the importance of having a 3-6 month supply of food, clothes and other necessities and talks about how to go about building it. He talks about Family Home Evening, reading good books, and he talks about voting for someone in the next election who is going to help us pull out of the man-made mess that we are in right now.
It's a great article and worth a read.....
I am really feeling the pressure of being prepared lately. Our Bishop told us that the time for warnings are over - and that just really hit me! It's time to seriously get things together to get prepared for the perilous times that are to come.
Last night Jon and I went to the grocery store with the intent of buying groceries (obviously) and buying the finishing touches to our 72-hour kits. We got things like First Aid Kits and a Compass and stuff like that. It feels so good to know that we are at least that prepared. We figured that 72-hours is long enough to at least get up to Snowflake to our families who can then take care of us.
Lon and Kim have really great 72-hour kits!! They brought out their back packs the other day and we were so impressed!!! They are on top of things!! My sisters are always on top of things!!
We really want to get a 3 month supply together in our back room and we started working on that yesterday at the grocery store too - we stocked up on Ramen Noodles and Rice - not entirely healthy, but we are working on it slowly....
The pressure is on and I am feeling it - it's time to take this preparedness stuff to a whole new level!
Feel free to turn on The Lion King to get a little inspired to start up your own!!!
Be Prepared!!!!

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Terra Lynn said...

This is a good article. Dad and I are trying to get prepared but are not there quit yet. We do have plenty of tooth brushes I noticed when we moved to our new home. I am not sure why we have so many, but our teeth will be clean as soon as I have tooth paste to go with.
I am proud of you both for working on this!!