Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween: Ghosts and Goblins and....Spartans?

Last weekend was our Trunk-or-Treat at the Evergreen Ward. Now, it was a week before Halloween so you can bet Jon and I had our costumes all planned out......just kidding!! We are not that organized lately - -
So that Saturday (the day of the Trunk-or-Treat) my parents came down. Dad had a "Principal Class" (because apparently running a school isn't enough - you must also go to classes to learn how to run a school) so my mom took Jon and me to Party City where they had a HUGE selection of Halloween costumes and ideas. All 3 of us were running down each aisle picking out different ideas - "I wanna be a fairy", " I want to be a whoopie cushion", "I want to be an undead pirate!"
Finally we decided on Spartans. Jon got this amazing costume with arm and leg bands and a sword, and I got this beautiful toga lookin' thing with all sorts of pretty, gold chains and bracelets.
That night (after a fantastic day of Christmas shopping and "not looking" while mom picked out Christmas presents for us kids) Mom helped me fix my hair and make up (and it looked beautiful!) and we got strapped in to our costumes.
After some safety pinning and stapling (thank you Mom for being a theater major!) we were a beautiful Spartan couple!!
We went to the Trunk-or-Treat where we saw some really great costumes. There was a family with 2 little ones dressed up like chickens and mom and dad dressed up like farmers, there were a lot of Star Wars, and one family in particular who were the most amazing pirates I had ever seen!!!
It ended up being a great Halloween party (a week early)!!!

NOTE: We are in Snowflake right now, but there will be pictures of us in our costumes as soon as we get back to Tempe!


Laurie said...

Malori! I had NO IDEA you were a blogger! I love it... :) (and, as you know, I was lovin your Halloween costume. That sticker/glitter/head-dress thing was SWEET!) :)

Terra Lynn said...

You did look beautiful and Jon looked very much the Spartan! You are welcome, I enjoyed helping you guys get ready and getting back to my "roots" (ha ha)
Love ya