Thursday, October 2, 2008

Starting Fresh

Ok - so this is my third try at making a blog - but you know what they say, "Third time's the charm" so here goes.....wish me luck!
Now I must warn you that I am still not good at the inner-workings of blogging, but I am going to spend some quality time with my sister-in-law Nikki (aka Blogger Extraordinaire!) sometime soon and learn how to make this the coolest - or maybe second coolest (after Nikki's of course) blog you have ever seen in your life! So stick with me through my "lame" stages, I promise it will get cool someday!
Let me spend some time to explain why I have such a desire to have a blog and why I am so persistent even though it seems to be a very difficult thing for me.....
There is the article that my dad got me hooked called called "The Back Bench" ( It is written by Aaron Johnston, a Mormon guy with a bunch of great thoughts and a magnificent talent for putting them into words. Well, one day as I was reading an article by him, I thought to myself, "Self, you have some thoughts and ideas and you like to share them with people (sometimes when they don't want to hear it) you should have a place to do that!"
But does such a magnificent place exist? I mean, my friend Aaron is endorsed by big-wigs like Orson Scott Card (I am a big fan of Orson!! Have you read his short story "Lost Boys"? If not, you should - it is amazing!!!), and I am endorsed by....uh......lets see.....well, my dad has read a lot of Orson Scott Card, does that count?
But then I was looking at my sister-in-law, Shaunalee's blog and it hit me! It was as though angels were singing and a great pillar of light shone down up on the computer - EUREKA!! This was it! A free venue where I can rant and rave, or just spill out the stuff in my brain, and people might actually read it!!! Sweet huh?
So that is the reason for my persistence -
For now all that will be featured on my blog are my thoughts because of my sincere lack of ability in the hip new blogging world - but stick with me, and you can bet I will get some cool stuff on here!!

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Scott said...

WTG Birthday girl! Good job on your blog, I know its going to be a hit with all your adoring fans family and friends. Best wishes for all your future endeavors here; you're off to a terrific start... msBloggerJo.. its even better than mine.. well, that's not too hard as I don't have one yet, but hey, how does one end a blog note anyway... bye.