Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bad Luck!

You know the old superstition about breaking mirrors? They say that one broken mirror equals 7 years bad luck.
Now I have never been a believer in superstitions until last week.......
Before I start the story we need to go back...way back to a time before I was married.....
Now my parents bought this camping trailer and I decided that I wanted to turn it into a little "dorm room" type home so I could have the illusion of moving out without actually moving out. I was cleaning it all out and getting ready to paint, but there was a big mirror in there that I wanted out. I tried to take it out carefully, but alas, it fell out of my hands and shattered into a million pieces on the gravel outside. Of course we all laughed and made jokes about bad luck, and we went of with our cleaning.
Fast forward to last summer.
My sister-in-law Joy Lynn was in the Miss Navajo County Pageant, and, of course, I was all about helping her out. Long story short, I let her borrow some things including my little full body mirror that I had taken to the State Pageant. When we were bringing it home from Snowflake, you guessed it, it broke - a big crack right down the middle!
Again we laughed and joked about my imminent bad luck and threw it away.
Little did I know that all of the bad luck would attack me at one time!!!
Monday night I was heading to the Institute Building at ASU because that is where I pick up my sweet husband after work. I had just pulled to a stop in the turning lane and I settled in for a long wait - that light is really long!
Just then I saw a car pulling out of the gas station on my left and it was heading straight towards me!!! I honked my horn, but to no avail - he ran right in to the front of my car! I was so shocked!
We pulled in to the gas station to get out of the road (which, I found out later, was a really bad idea) and he gave me his name and phone number - then he tried to leave. I demanded that he show me his insurance information, and he reluctantly did, but was rushing me the entire time. I then asked him to wait for me to call the police (mistake #2 - I had left my cell phone at home to charge) and he told me that he had to leave. He was slurring his words and he was very messy so I assume he was drunk. I asked him another 2 times but he just got in his car and drove off!!!
I was so upset!!!!!
I called Jon who immediately started walking from the institute to the gas station.
Now there was a wonderful man there who helped me out. His name was Melvin and he was an older gentleman who asked if I was ok. At first I was a little nervous because of stranger danger and all of that, but when he started talking about his daughters studying business and medicine at ASU and about the flower shop he worked at, I became very comfortable and I was so grateful that he was there with me while I waited for Jon.
Jon tried to call the police who refused to come because the other guy already left - which was very rude! So we just headed home.
When we got home Jon tried to call the guy who hit me to ask for the phone number to his insurance company. I had written down the name of the company and his policy number but not the phone number. The guy then told Jon that he had already taken care of it - we would pay for our car and he would pay for his. He said that this would be fair since it was partially my fault. Jon asked how it was my fault and he explained that I was trying to pull in to the gas station and didn't have my lights on......such a lie!!!!
Of course I was very upset that he would lie!! How dare he!!!
Anyways, we called his insurance and set up a claim and they came out to look at the car and everything - and now we are waiting for them to get a hold of him. He hasn't been answering the phone when they call.....shocker huh?
So that is the story of our lives right now. I have been asleep for most of the past 4 days because I have had some neck pain that is pretty much whip lash that caused muscle spasms....so I have had some pretty serious prescriptions that knock me right out!!!
In happier news, my daddy came down and stayed with us Thursday night and then we got to spend time together all day on Friday! He took me on a date for lunch and we walked around a few stores. It was so fun to spend time with him! I miss him a lot and I miss spending time together just talking and stuff! He is without a doubt the best daddy ever!!
That is it for the news of the Salines right now - but this weekend is Turkey Day and I am so excited!!


Tara Victoria said...

Hey Malori!!! Gosh it's so good to hear from you! I have always wondered about how you were doing! So, I see you are down in Tempe? I'm in Chandler, so maybe sometime we can get together and catch up?! I have been doing well.. Just going to ASU. I'm not working right now though, I am job searching and it's not going too well. Haha. Other than that I just live with my boyfriend and do you remember Randy Rice? I'm sure you do.. He's actually moving in soon too. How about you? How have you been?? Tell me everything!!

p.s. I'm so sorry to hear about your bad luck. =(

Laurie said...

Oh my gosh, Malori! I'm so sorry!!! Oooh, I hate hit & runners. Esp DRUNK hit & runners. (Okay, technically, he didn't hit & run, because he did give you his name and stuff. But he would have run if he could have, I can tell.) Keep me posted on the insurance, and how you're feeling... You poor girl!