Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day - Parades, Food, and Family, Can A Day Get Better??

The Great, All-American Holiday - Thanksgiving!! I love this holiday! It is my favorite holiday in November (it's the only holiday in November - hee hee hee). But seriously, don't you just love Thanksgiving? Little did those Pilgrims know that their peaceful dinner with the Indians would change the course of history and give us one of the best holidays ever invented!!! 
So yesterday was the blessed holiday and it was fantastic! My bad luck took a break for an entire day, and I was so happy because I had some major cooking to do.
We started out at my family's house - we got up early and started watching the Thanksgiving Parade...
We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Program To Bring You This Important Message....
The Thanksgiving Parade is the number one best parade ever in the entire world! They have giant balloons, a million marching bands with baton twirlers, and, most importantly, broadway performances and the Rockettes!!! I look forward to this parade all year long! I mean, as soon as Christmas decorations his the shelves in my local Wal-Mart, I could feel the excitement for the parade just start building and building! I feel like this is as close as I get to the broadway world I love so much, especially lately since I am in a bit of a "theater drought" in my life (don't worry, I get to see Lion King on broadway in January). In fact, my dream is to one day have a studio apartment, right there on main street, and be able to cook my turkey and look out the window and see the giant Snoopy balloon floating by! It would be like magic!!
Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming.......
We turned on the Thanksgiving Parade and then started the cooking....I made my New York cheesecake and then got started on my "assigned dish", vegetables. Now, I don't really like very many vegetables, so I don't know many fancy vegetable dishes. Had it been an "every day" type of dinner I might have just opened a can of green beans, a can of peas, and a can of corn, nuke them in the microwave and call it a day. But this was Thanksgiving - the dinner of all dinners! So I had spent some serious time before hand doing some homework, and Better Homes and Gardens gave me some recipes that sounded full of stuff that people who eat vegetables might like...I picked two of them and that was that. 
So anyways, I started my gourmet vegetable dishes (with a prayer in my heart) while Laney worked on her rolls and mom and dad buzzed around making other various dishes essential to a perfect Thanksgiving feast.
Finally it was time! Granny and Papa came first and then came Grams and Gramps. You should have seen the spread! The house looked beautiful, the food looked beautiful and everyone looked so happy! 
We stuffed our bellies full of goodness, with barely enough room for dessert!
Right after a clean up, Jon and I headed to his house for another giant feast. I felt a little bit bad because we got there and everything was already finished - and it looked great! MomS had worked really hard and everything was so looked so nice! It was nice to have most of the family there too - we hadn't seen Keith since last Christmas! The food was fantastic, and yes, Jon and I found room in our stomachs for everything - including dessert.
After dinner everyone went in to the living room with the intent of chit-chatting and catching up, but it wasn't long before everyone was unconscious!
Later we did some singing around the piano and then watched Kung Fu Panda (a fantastic movie for all ages - I give it two thumbs up!) and headed to bed.
Talk about the perfect Thanksgiving! Two perfectly traditional meals, Two fantastic families, One great parade, and One long nap!
Perfect Day!!

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