Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Baking Day

This year my Grams decided that instead of having us all bake stuff in separate houses and bringing it to Christmas Eve, we would just all get together and bake it at her house. So all of us girls did precisely that.
I tried to stay out of the tough stuff and do the simple stuff to keep us from having any major catastrophes, but I was able to help out a bunch and I got to do the fun stuff like helping the little girls build gingerbread houses!!
It was sooo fun!!!


Shellee said...

You make buckeyes? Oh, the thought makes me drool! Is that what you call them? The peanut butter chocolate dipped balls... are awesome!
Looks like Christmas is awesome so far!

Laurie said...

Yuummmmmmmm.... Looks like you girlies had a great time!

I hope you have a super Merry Christmas with your family!