Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nutcracker and Presents

Last year Jon and I started a tradition....we open our presents to each other before we drive to the mountains to be with family. It's a really fun tradition! 
So this year Jon did a fantastic job picking out my present! He got me a pink iPod nano! It is sooooo cool! It plays movies and TV shows and has games and does all sorts of nifty things! The best part of it was not the iPod though - it was what he had engraved on the back...it says "more than all the things" because that is how much he tells me he loves me.....isn't that so sweet!

I got Jon a Garmin GPS system - he has been wanting one........It looks like he liked it! YAY!!

Then we came up the mountain and went to see Laney dance in the Nutcracker. She was a soldier this year, but the last time she was in it, she played Clara, the main girl. This year the show was pretty cute, but nothing compared to the last time! Laney was a great soldier but you should have seen her as Clara!! That girl can waltz!! I guess she is just a great dancer no matter what part you put her in! 
...and so photogenic!
Tanner just got his braces off - - lookin' good!

This is the curtain call!!! Laney is over on the left side, but it's hard to make out faces - we were kind of in a bad place for pictures......

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laneybug said...

Thanks for the top picture Mal!! haha!! I am glad you guys got to come!! I had fun!!