Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Great Day!!!

Today has been a pretty great day!!
Let me start with a little preface story and then I will let you know why today is so fantastic!
Once Upon A Time.....Jon sent a bowl in to a church-wide art competition to be judged. The competition asks for work that represents the Savior or a scripture story, or another aspect of the Gospel. It has 4 levels: first, you send in a picture of the art work and it gets judged. If you pass that judgment you then send your piece to Utah to be judged. They then choose just a few pieces out of the thousands of entries and display them in a museum in Utah. This is very prestigious. They will then give awards to certain entries.....
Jon has had a piece that made it clear to being displayed in Utah a few years ago. Here is what that piece looked like:

So the competition rolled around again and Jon decided to make a platter with the story of Lehi's Dream depicted on it.
This morning he got a letter telling him that he had made it through the first stage of the competition (the picture portion) and can now send the piece in to be judged!!
We were so excited!!! Of course he was trying so hard to stay "cool", but I could see the excitement in his face!
Here is what the piece he sent in looks like:

Isn't it beautiful!! You can see the tree and the iron rod and the darkness - You should see it in person!!!
So that started the day of really, really great!!
Then, I headed off to work and Jon headed off to do his very last final of the semester.....
So, I just got a phone call from him telling me that he finished his final and he felt pretty confident about it, so that is great! And now he is officially finished with his 3rd semester of law school and we are half way done!!!
Then, it started raining!! I love the rain so much and it really puts me in a good mood, and then I learned that I might have snow on Christmas!! YAY!!!!
Then (as if the day couldn't get better) I found a great web site that lets you know when they are having sales at grocery stores and gives you coupons - it is called mygrocerydeals.com - it is seriously the most amazing web site!! It is free to sign up and you get to choose your favorite grocery stores. Then it shows you the sales that store is having and when they will be over - - but wait, there's more - - you can choose items to add to a grocery list and it will keep a total for you of how much money you will spend and how much money you will save if you go grocery shopping and buy those things!!! I don't know how well I explained it, but it is really neat, so seriously go look at it!!
So you can imagine - especially now that there is only 2 hours and 15 minutes left of work - how happy I am!!!!
It has been a pretty great day!!!!!!!!!


Shellee said...

I would say that your husband is ONE of the most talented people I know... But I think he takes the top position! I can honestly say that he is THE most talented person I know.
I am impressed. I thought that his pinewood derby car was cool, I didn't know about the rest of this. Wow, a beauty queen and an artisan... sounds like a really great love story to me.

Laurie said...

Oh my word, Jon is AMAZING! I love the iron rod piece! How exciting for both of you!!!

And... thank you for sharing the info on the coupon website. I was just thinking the other day that I need to use more coupons, but I HATE going through adds. Oh, it'll be awesome to do it online. Thanks! :)