Thursday, January 22, 2009

A 2-Hour Adventure!

Last night Jon and I decided to ride the new light rail to Phoenix to see the building where he will be working - and to find out the amount of time it will take him to get there so he knows how early to leave.
It was so exciting!
We took the free Orbit bus to the light rail station and then we hopped on the light rail.
Have you seen the light rail! It is a gaint, worm-looking bus that goes super fast!!!
Here's a picture just in case:

Super cool huh!
Anyways, it felt like I was in the movies. Here I was, the leading lady in New York riding the subway with my handsome prince. All around me there were mysterious strangers and I couldn't help but wonder what their stories were.......and yes, I was guilty of making up my own versions of their life stories as I rode along.
The light rail also has these HUGE windows, and my honey is so sweet so he let me have the window seat (yup, he's a keeper!!) so I got to see all the sights between Tempe and Phoenix.
So then we made it to Phoenix and I was awestruck.
This happens to me every time I go to downtown Phoenix. I see all of the huge buildings and I realize how much of a country girl I actually am.
I love to see the skyscrapers and the old buildings and all the lights and cars and people walking all around!
So we walk across a couple of streets and hop on a free government bus headed to the State Capital.
The bus stops right across the street from the Capital Building at the Arizona Museum of.......a bunch of mining stuff. We took some pictures next to a giant tire (but they are stuck on my phone for now, sorry guys) and then walked up a couple of streets and there it was!
The Arizona Court of Appeals!!
The building is beautiful!! It looks so old and classy and big and exciting, and all of these people with suits and briefcases were walking in and out - they looked very important.
Jon pointed to a row of huge windows and explained that that was where he would be working, with the judges - namely Judge Philip Hall.
He was so cute because he was trying to act like it was no big deal, but I could see the excitement he was feeling as he told me all about it and showed me the building.
I was so incredibly proud of him!! He is such an incredibly talented guy and he is going to be working at one of the most important buildings in the state!!
After we looked around, we hopped back on the bus, back on the light rail (which was even more exciting now that it was dark outside!), back on the second bus, and home.
It was a fantastic trip! I was bursting with pride for my husband and all of the excitement that came from interesting people and the big buildings was just so great!!!!!!!!


Jim and Brooke said...

Ooh, I do that too!! I love to make up my own life stories about strangers I see. Sometimes, they are pathetically sad! Especially if I see them out on the street. I don't know why. :0)

Harding Family said...

So great! Keep up the encouragement to him and you will be amazed at how much more amazing he will get with your support. That's one of the greatest blessings in his life is to hvae your support and love!!! I can't wait to meet you and see that silly guy again!

Lynnette Beatty said...

Very cool and exciting. What is Jon's job? I hope he enjoys his new work environment. I bet after awhile of the "dog-eat-dog" world, he'll want to head back to the mountains... at least for a vacation!