Friday, January 23, 2009

The Circle of Life for One Spoiled Girl!

For my Birthday in October my super sweet husband got me tickets to see The Lion King at the Gammage!! You can bet that I almost burst out of my skin and my voice got 3 octaves higher (anyone who knows me knows that I tend to get squeakier and squeakier the more excited I get).
Well I had to wait until January to actually see the show, which I was really bummed out about at the time, but it ended up being so fantastic because today was like having my Birthday all over again!! 
The Lion King is absolutely the most beautiful show ever performed on a stage anywhere!! From the first scene when they are singing "The Circle of Life" and all of the animals enter and they are all dancing and moving - you really haven't ever seen anything so beautiful!
Of course I had heard that it was great, I had seen the costumes on TV, I had heard the music, so I was afraid that all the praise was going to be just hype and I would be disappointed - I have a bad habit of going into "critic mode"n I see shows - especially popular ones - but I am here to tell you that everything they say is true - in fact, it's an understatement!
Between the costumes, the dancing, the singing, the story, the make-up, the sets, the acting - it is absolutely brilliant and will absolutely change your life!
Here are some pictures of my favorite scene - The Circle of Life (I got them off of the internet - don't worry, I would never disobey the "no photography in the theater" rule)

The entire time I was watching the show I kept thinking about my dad who served his mission in South Africa and who would tell me stories about the tribal languages and show me pictures of the people. I know he would have loved it so much!
After the show I got even more Birthday presents! Jon got me a Lion King t-shirt and the soundtrack (which I plan on putting on the computer and then giving to my dad - I know he will love to listen to it!).
I am seriously the #1 most spoiled girl in the world!!
Thank You Jon for my second 21st Birthday!!
I love you!!!


Rob and Kimmie said...

I went too!!!! Isn't it the GREATEST thing on earth! It's better than anything! I loved it!!! There are seriously no words!

Lynnette Beatty said...

Guess what? Rachel and David went to see The Lion King too! They thought it was awesome! Next time you'll have to go together! Tell Rachel that Mama Beatty says so! hahaha (like she ever listens to me!)