Monday, January 26, 2009

A Little Bit Of Romance

I am a helpless romantic, so let me preface my sweet story with a little history:
Once upon a time in High School, I watched the movie "A Walk To Remember" (I also read the book and loved it!!).
Now all you girls remember how she writes a list of things to do before she dies, and he comes up with romantic little ways to help her accomplish those things (like the part where she straddles the state line so she is in two places at once, or when he gets her a temporary tattoo - romance at its best) and I cry every time!!!
So, being a romantic teenager, I decided that I needed to write a list of things to do before I die.
On this list I had all sorts of things like get married in the temple, go to college, sing in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, be on Broadway - and I also put some crazy things like hold a star and dance in a cloud.
Well, when Jon and I were dating I told him about the list and read a few of the things on my list to him.
Later on in our relationship, I was at his house and he set this little rock in my hand. I asked him what it was and he explained that it was a little meteor that had come off of a falling star, so I was holding a star!!
It was truly the sweetest thing!
Ok, fast forward to this weekend - Sunday morning around 5:00am
We were driving back home from Snowflake, trying to get to back in Tempe before church. I had fallen asleep on the drive, and suddenly Jon pulled the car over. He gently shook me awake, turned the radio up, and opened my door.
I got out, a little confused, but then I saw it - the fog was so thick we could barely see past the car! He took me in his arms and started dancing with me, and told me that now we were dancing in a cloud!
Just one more example of what an amazing husband I have!
I am truly the most spoiled girl in the world!


Terra Lynn said...

Awwww! That is so cute, but I thought you did that on the way up the mountain... did you get to dance in a cloud twice? I should make me a list like that!

Harding Family said...

He's the best! What a great guy! That's a hard one to top when you try and get him back for it! Good luck doing something fun in return!!! Great movie by the way.

Rob and Kimmie said...

Oh, that is so sweet!!!! I actually just saw that movie for the first time a few weeks ago. I liked it!

Lynnette Beatty said...

I am so glad you are enjoying married life...there is nothing sweeter! Love you lots...Mama Beatty

Laurie said...

Awh, man... I love Jon. That's about the sweetest thing I've heard in ... I don't even know how long. He's the best!

Cassidi Marie said...

Malori Jo, that is the cutest thing I have EVER heard.
I hope I can find someone romantic and adorable enough to help me cross off my list.
Thanks for sharing. :]