Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dancing In Heaven

Yesterday morning my little sister's dance teacher passed away.
She had suffered from breast cancer years ago, and beat it, but recently got cancer again (I think it was in her brain - I don't know the details) and it progressed very quickly. She had been in Hospice for a few days and she finally passed away.
Her name was Bev and she was a beautiful dancer! She loved the stage, and she seemed so natural in front of an audience. When you watched her in a show your eyes were drawn to her - you couldn't help it!
She also loved to teach. She was fantastic with the little ones in her studio and her companies always won awards for creativity and technique. She always expected the best from her dancers.
I remember a beautiful picture that always hung in the Dance Academy - it was of her, bald from chemotherapy, in a black dance outfit and she was posed in a beautiful dancer position. The entire thing was black and white. In black letters all around it it said, "Forever the dancer, Stronger than cancer". She looked beautiful!
My sister and Bev were very close. Laney loved Bev and loved dancing for and with her. When Bev would give her a compliment it was golden to her. Bev was always very patient and worked with Laney's knee problems and helped her become an amazing dancer.
Because they are so close, Bev took Laney as her "personal assistant" on a cruise. Laney spent the entire week sharing a room with her and snorkling with her and taking tours and swimming - they had a blast and became even closer.
Bev was very sick during The Nutcracker, but she got up a danced with them. Her last show.
Laney told me that during one of the shows Bev suddenly forgot where she was, who was around her and what she was doing.
Fortunately she is very natural on stage, and she recognized the kid who was playing the nutcracker. She went over to him and grabbed his hand and suddenly she remembered - he led her to the chair and she went on with the show.
Soon after that she was put in hospice.
Laney has been having a really hard time.
Then it happened yesterday, and Laney took the day off. She spent the day at school and then she went out with her boyfriend and I guess they talked for a long time...
I know that she will be ok, my sister is amazingly strong, but it is going to be hard for her.
So if you could all please keep Bev's family, my sister, and all the other dancers in your prayers while they all deal with this loss.
I know that Bev is in a better place and she is now able to dance without pain.
And I know that she is watching all of her little dancers from the best seat in the house!
Good Bye Miss Bev - we will miss you.


Terra Lynn said...

Laney said that was very nice. Thanks for thinking of your sister. I actually have that picture on my blog, if anyone would like to see it. You cannot see the words, but the picture is beautiful.
Love ya

laneybug said...

That was really nice! Thank you!!

Lynnette Beatty said...

Your story brought tears to my eyes. There's nothing better than memories of a cherished mentor. My love to you and your family. Mama Beatty