Friday, March 6, 2009

Yup, I'm a Cheer Coach - Go Stallions!

So the girls came to me and asked if I would please be their cheer coach. I had told my co-worker that I had cheered in Junior High and she passed the information on to them.
We started a couple of weeks ago, so they are still pretty new, but they are a great group of girls!
They already know four cheers really well and they are working on stuff like splits and jumps.

They were pretty bummed out that they didn't have uniforms for their pictures, but I had to explain that these things take time.
We actually have uniforms from a few years ago when they had cheerleaders, but the athletic director hasn't had the time to pull them out of storage.
I think they look super cute even without uniforms!
This year we will be cheering at assemblies and stuff like that, but no games till next year - which I am a little bit glad about - it gives us time to practice.

They are so cute!!


Corinne said...

Go cheerleaders! That is so fun! Believe it or not I was a cheerleader in high school and a pommie in college. (people I work with acutally didn't believe me and laughed right out loud when I told them that, so it's not something I share often) It was some of the most fun I've had, and the hardest I've worked at any sport. I'm proud of you for undertaking such a project. You rock!

Brenden+Nikki said...

aw how fun!! I love cheering. You are going to be a great coach and those girls look fun to work with! GO COACH SALINE!!

Terra Lynn said...

Cute will be great! You should ask the office to donate Stallion shirts and have them wear matching shorts or leggins or something for uniforms until you can get the others out of storage. You could also use those for less official performances??? Might be fun??

Rob and Kimmie said...

That is so fun that you are a cheer coach! I would love to do that! You would be perfect for that cause you are so cute and peppy! I was a cheerleader in eighth grade. We did the pengulum. You should have your girls do that! I also LovE the movie Bring It On!!!!