Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Haircuts, Hamburgers, and Other Stuff

Jon finally got brave enough to let me cut his hair! We have been married for a year and a half and Lon and Michael and Dad Saline and Mom Saline and my mom have all cut Jon's hair (and who knows who else!) and he never would trust me.
Finally he got a little desperate. He didn't want to spend money on getting it cut, but he had an interview, so he really needed it!
Ok, so I had never cut anyone's hair before, so I guess he had a reason to be nervous - but how hard can it be right?
I have a confession - I was totally nervous too!! Luckily my dear friend Lacie Crandell came over and helped me - step by step. I could not have done it without her because I had no idea what I was doing!! But I think it turned out pretty good.....not to shabby for a first timer huh?

In other news - my family came down this weekend and they took us out shopping and out to Fudruckers for some fantastic hamburgers!! 
Laney and Tanner spent $3 trying to get this little teddy bear for Laney's boy.
Still working......
It was a cute bear, but there was no luck - so Daniel, if you are reading this, know that Laney spent $3 trying to get you a little bear that looks like this (look down)
Here is a pretty pic of Mommy and Daddy waiting for lunch!
And here is a dreadful picture of me and my perfectly handsome 100% of the time Honey Pie.

In other news, my sister-in-law just found out that she is having a boy!!! We are all so excited for her and Brenden! They are going to make incredible parents! 
We are all so excited to be Aunts and Uncles (again!)

Now for a side note - 
Guys, I really want a cute little background like a whole bunch of you talented bloggers have - and I want all of those cute little side things that show people your favorite books and countdowns to important events and all of these things that make me smile so much when I read your blogs.....if you have any tips - please, please help me out!!!!
Thanks guys!


Rob and Kimmie said...

Fun family time! ( i used to work at Fuddruckers. I love that place!) Those crane machines are impossible!

Brenden+Nikki said...

ha ha ok first of all, that is not a horrible pic of you you silly girl! I think you look totally modernized and older (not like old lady old, but like 27 old). Great job cutting Jon's hair - it looks great. Brenden and I have been married almost 3 years and he still won't let me anywhere near him with a shaver or scissors. You'll have to let us know how his interview went of course. Another thing - you and your mom could be twins! You guys look just like each other...or well I guess I should say you look just like your mom! :). And thanks for the congrats and the sweet message on my blog. We love you guys more than you know.

Ok so for the blog thing. As far as countdown widgets there are a ton. If you like the one I have on my blog, you can go to http://www.yourminis.com/minis/yourminis/yourminis/mini:countdown. Just click on the little countdown in the middle of the page to customize it and then once you're done, click on "copy me" and click on the blogger logo and it will give you the code that blogger will recognize. Then go back to your blog, add a HTML gadget and paste the code in there and voila. Or if you don't like that countdown, just google "countdown widgets."

Anytime I'm looking for stuff like that I just google it and you can find a lot of links and instructions for things on the side. The shelf that I have for my books is from Shelfari. If you click on my bookshelf it should take you to the site where you can customize your own. If you don't like my shelf you can just try googling "bookshelf widgets for blogs" and it will pull up some options. ha ha usually if you tell google EXACTLY what you want, it will find it for you.

As far as the backgrounds, there are a couple ways to do it. One would be to download digital scrapbooking pages from shabbyprincess.com and creating the page in photoshop. You can play around with it, but I will definitely have to either come over and show you that part or call you because I can't even think of how to type out instructions for that. BUT meanwhile, you can still look up cute backgrounds at pyzam.com or thecutestblogontheblock.com and just click on free backgrounds. Copy the code, go to "edit HTML" in your blog and delete the entire code and paste the entire new code in there. Hit preview, and if it looks like what you want it to look like, just hit "save changes."

P.S. Do your background first THEN the side widgets because sometimes for some reason when you change backgrounds it takes off your side widgets. It shouldn't, but I have had it happen once and it's frustrating to have to go back and add them again...but I don't know, maybe that was a fluke.

Anyway, sorry everyone for writing such a long post, but there ya go Mal! Now you have fun searching through all the options of blog backgrounds :)

P.S. Call me if you need help.

Brenden+Nikki said...

oops sorry, if you do pick a blog background from thecutestblogontheblock.com, it will give you EXACT instructions on how to add it to your blog as a background, so follow those instructions. You only have to delete your whole code if you're using a background from Pyzam.com. :)

Steve and Steph said...

go to cutestblogontheblock.com for free backgrounds. Her directions are SUPER easy to understand. That's where I get all of mine because they are free and she has a lot to choose from.

laneybug said...

Fun Weekend!!! If you find out how to do all that great stuff...pass on the knowledge to your favorite sister!!