Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You, Star Track, The Bachelorette

After a long, long time Jon and I finally redboxed (is that a verb?) the movie He's Just Not That Into You. I figured it was a sure-fire hit!! I mean, it's a "chick flick" with an all-star cast (Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, Scarlet JoHansen, Ben Afleck, that cute guy off of Failure to Launch - not Matthew McConaughey, but his good looking best friend, that girl off of Mona Lisa Smile, etc...), and tons of hype!
Needless to say, I wanted to see this movie really badly, and Jon...not so badly...but I had "movie credit" (when we watch a guy movie, I get "movie credit" towards a girl movie and vise versa) so he didn't have a choice but to watch it with me!
We sat down in front of the tube, my anticipation peaked, and it all went downhill from there.
Girls, don't waste your time on this movie!!
There are a few stories going on in this movie (as you may have guessed by the trailor).

Story #1
Pathetic girl who is always pursuing (and by pursuing, I mean stocking) the wrong guys who are 'just not that into her' meets a guy at a bar who is teaching her how to tell if the guy isn't interested. SPOILER ALERT Along the way, she finds her independence and he falls for her and they live happily ever after. Cute, predictable, not bad.

Story #2
Girl and Guy have been living together for years, but he "doesn't believe in marriage". The entire time he makes her feel stupid for wanting to get married because marriage means that you lack confidence in your love for one another and have to prove it to everyone else. She is unhappy with this and breaks up with him, but after her father has a heart attack at her sister's wedding and she has to go home to take care of him and the family, she gets overwhelmed and who comes to save the day? That's right, the anti-marriage knight in dingy armour.
She realizes that she loves him and would rather live a life with him and not married that without him - but it is obvious that she is giving up something very important to her.
SPOILER ALERT Only after again and again going on and on about his disdain for matrimony does he finally relent and propose - but he makes sure the audience knows that he still doesn't believe in it, he only wants her to have everything she ever wanted. Sweet of him, I didn't like him through the whole movie, this story made me a little cranky.....

Story #3
Girl 1 and Guy have been married for 5 years. They met in college and after dating for while she told him that they needed to get married or she was going to move on. She was ready to settle down and start a life. He was afraid to lose her, so he married her. They are now remodeling a new condo in the city. Things have been rocky in their marriage, but she still loves him.
Along comes Girl 2. She is in a grocery store and he allows her to cut him in line (making up some lame excuse that he has to choose some gum to be able to check her out). She ends up winning a cooler for being the 1,000th costumer and eventually they strike up a conversation about her music career and how he is in a PR type business that can help her out.
You got it, they start sleeping together and he just loves the excitement of sneaking around. She knows that he is married, but she continues in the relationship.
Eventually he tells his wife that he is having an affair and she is willing to work through it. She decides it is her fault and she needs to work harder at her relationship.
I am not going to go into huge details about this story, but needless to say, both girls end up leaving him (which is what he deserves) and neither one find love of their own.

I felt a little bit bad for Jon because every time one of the guys from any of the stories did something stupid, I would lecture him. The lecture would go something like this, "If you ever did that I would....."
I was so disappointed by the lack of morals, lack of good story, and lack of anything romantic in this movie.
I am just not into this movie

* * *

Our new apartment complex has a fitness center that has all sorts of workout machines. I am not an expert in the working out feild, but I can tell you that our fitness center has the coolest workout machines out there!! The brand name is Star Track (cute huh?) and they are awesome!! All of the cardio machines (is that what they are called? You know, the stationary bike thing and the treadmill thing and the stair stepper thing) have personal little TV's and iPod docks. You just simply plug your headphones right into the machine and you have the ultimate in entertainment while you work out!! It really helps to motivate me, and heaven knows I need it!!
The first time I went to use these machines I climbed on the stationary bike, turned on the Bachelorette, and went to town!! It wasn't until an hour later that I realized I was still spinning away!! I didn't even realize how tired I was!
These machines might actually work for me!

* * *

Speaking of the Bachelorette - this has been a great season!! Jillian is super cute and super likable, which helps because you really want her to find someone who will be good for her.
I am not going to go into detail about it (that will happen next week after the finale - which is going to be crazy!!) but I will say that I want Ed to win!! He is cute and I think he really likes her. Reed is suppossed to be coming back to try and win her back, but I don't think she will pick him. She didn't give him a rose for a reason. Get over it Reed!!
Good Luck Ed!!
Stay tuned Monday night at 7pm to catch the exciting finale of The Bachelorette!!


Rob and Kimmie said...

I love your movie reviews! I HATED that movie He's just not that into you!" It made me super cranky too, and gave me the grossest feeling. Seriously, that movie tried to make terrible morals seem glamorous and romantic! I HATED that movie!

ShawntelRaylene said...

I agree with you 100%. I hated "He's Just Not That Into You." What was with the random swearing my Aniston's character? It was awful.

DR Gunderson Family said...

Wow Mal, i could not agree with you more about that stupid movie "He's just not that into you". david and i had heard super good things about it from, it seems, everyone. We were so disappointed we almost didn't finish the movie, as you mentioned, no morals. It made me feel sick that people actually live that way and treat their relationships so poorly, GAG! No wonder the family values are becoming extinct.

Your fitness room sounds awesome! I'm quite happy for you :) I'm so glad you 2 love your new place :)

I am also rooting for Ed, they are too cute together!

Love you Girl! *Kisses*

***LIZ*** said...

Sorry about the movie, I too wasted my time with it, I wish I would have told you not to watch it. What a fancy apt complex you guys live in now. How is your new ward? Obviously not as cool as your old ward, but I hope you are making lots of new friends.