Monday, December 7, 2009

Crazy Life!

Life has been so insane lately and I realized that I haven't posted in practically a million years!! So, here is a brief nutshell of what has been going on in the life of Malori and Jon Saline:

1) Thanksgiving: We went up to Snowflake for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful!! We went to both sides of the family and had amazing dinners at each and I am sure I gained 20 pounds just from turkey and potatoes!! Of course I brought my camera, but I forgot to take any pictures! It was so fun to play with Collin at the Saline's house and to play Apples to Apples with the family! It was fun to watch the parade and play games with them! We had a blast!!
2) Work: Work has been especially insane - but that is how it always is at the end of the semester and right before the holidays. It is like a full moon every day - the kids get a little weird and a little crazy. That on top of getting everything ready for the end of the semester and it makes for some craziness.
3) Finals: Jon is right in the middle of finals. Naturally he is stressed and nervous and very busy with studying and getting his papers done and finishing his projects. Poor guy! Luckily he has already finished his graduation paper and turned it in, so he can check that off of the list and he won't have to do it next semester - his very last semester!! (his graduation date is May 14th!! YAY!!)
4) Getting ready for Christmas: This year both sides of our family are doing homemade gifts for our drawn names. This is such a fun tradition! It requires everyone to really think about that person and spend time on something special and that makes the gifts much more special! It does make for a little bit more work for the holidays, so that does take time -but I wouldn't trade it! I love the tradition!
So, just like everyone I'm sure, we have been running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get everything done and trying to be where we need to be and finish everything we need to finish. It sounds like things are out of control, but it is organized chaos and we are enjoying every minute of it! I love the holiday season and I can't wait for Christmas!! My sister is flying in from Florida for a week before Christmas and I am so excited to see her!
This Christmas is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!

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Kay and Krystal said...

Oh how fun! Sounds like you guys have been busy buys.