Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Sweet Husband

A couple of weeks ago, we were sitting in church and I noticed a pure white hair sticking straight out of Jon's head. I tried to smooth it down, but with no luck. So, I tried to very nonchalantly pluck it from his head (it turns out, the best place to pull hairs out of your husband's head is at church because they can't scream).
When I showed it to him, he immediately said, "Whoa that is crazy - do you have a bag we can put it in?"
I looked at him like he must be crazy - who wants to keep their "first white hair" - but any of you who know Jon, know that he was not kidding. I searched in my purse and all I had was this box:

and this is the white hair....pretty long huh??
This white hair is certainly hard-earned. Jon is one of the hardest workers I have ever known.
This semester certainly proves this. Not only is Jon taking his regular 13 credit hours of law classes (these are not just "show up and get an 'A' classes - all of his professors function as though the student is only taking their class and is doing nothing else, so they must have all of the time in the world for homework), he is also one of 10 students chosen to take a free bar prep course. This is a really great blessing except that the class requires just as much work as any other class. He is also doing an internship with the Attorney General's office, and this requires he take a class a the law school to "discuss it". He is also part of the Moot Court board and is in charge of running an entire competition by himself. Now, if this wasn't enough he is also working on a video and a web site for the law school to earn pro-bono credit, and he is working at ASU's school of business to earn some extra money for us. He also magnifies his church calling - never missing a month of hometeaching and dropping everything he is doing if someone in the ward or family needs his help.
All of this on top of being married to me (which is a full time job) and my sweet husband deserves a white hair. No wonder he wants to keep it in a box for a little while!!
I can't tell you how much I appreciate the work that he does. I know that he is doing it for me and for our future family. It takes a toll on him - he doesn't get a lot of down time, and sometimes he doesn't sleep much. He misses family things and he misses spending time with me. He sacrifices so much in order to succeed so he can get a good job and take care of his family and I love and admire him so much for that.
I am so proud of him! Only one more semester to go!!!! YAY!!!
I love you Jon!


beau.shaunalee said...

Blogs like this make me feel like I am not worthy to be in this brothers never cease to amaze me! Jon is incredible. YEAH for Graduation!!! I'm so proud and happy for you guys.

...also, I don't know if you're still taking opinions, but I'm going to give you mine...

Having been graduated for 5 years, I have thought a lot about my degree--more than my degree, about my whole 'college experience'...and yes, if I needed to I could provide for my family, and not necessarily because of my degree title, but because I have a bachelor's degree period.

I changed majors five times. seriously.

My opinion is to study that which you are MOST passionate about, because not only will you LOVE what you study the whole time, if you want or needed to support yourself using that degree, your passion (and faith) will drive you to find a way to do it.

If I did it again, I would let go of every preconceived notion about what our society 'values'(important sounding degrees) and reflect on what I loved to do...

because chances are you love it

because you're good at it

because Heavenly Father gave you special gifts in that area

--so whether it's basket weaving, or nueroscience...follow your heart. (As much as I can't dance, I would have majored in dance.) I love you!

Malori said...

Thank you for your sweet comment!! You totally belong in the family right along side your brothers!!
Love you too!

Rob and Kimmie said...

That's a lot of hard work!!!! That will be a super cute keepsake to give your first son when he goes to college. Keep it in the pretty box!

Brenden+Nikki said...

Good job Jon! And good job Mal - I guarantee your support and love keep him going!

And I love what you said about church service. Brenden is the same way. I really admire our boys and their dedication to the Lord. What great examples!

And having seen the gray hair in person, I have to agree it is well earned! That thing was long!! :) ha ha.