Monday, August 20, 2012

14 Weeks

I still can't figure out why my post is being published in a big block instead of divided up into paragraphs, but until I can figure that out, it's just going to be kind of annoying to read. You must really like me in order to put up with this and read this anyways..... Here are some pregnancy updates: I am happy to announce that the nausea is almost completely gone! It has been great to finally eat food again! I was having a hard time eating meals, and it was kind of bumming me out. But I still have to carry crackers around with me because if I don't have a snack at all times I feel a little sick. I have had some pretty serious cravings for pizza factory breadsticks, lemons, and pickles. In fact, I ate an entire jar of my Great Granny's homemade pickles in an hour one afternoon....and then I drank the juice. My belly is getting a little pooch. I love it!! I need to take a "belly picture" and post it. I think I might make that part of my 15 week post. My first "belly picture" is a great way to start of the second trimester! We get to find out the gender in 6 weeks!!! I am going crazy not knowing! I want to buy clothes and decorate a nursery, but I have to wait until we know what it is. Jon has been really sweet about the whole thing. He has been taking really great care of me - making sure I take my vitamins and that I am drinking enough water, rubbing my feet after work, helping with chores around the house - and he is so in love with the Grubb. Let me tell you the sweetest story: Before we even met, Jon had written a song for his future baby. It is a beautiful song! Well, the other night he had his guitar out and he came and sat by me and sang the song to the Grubb. Of course I cried like a little girl because I have all kinds of crazy hormones, and also because I am so grateful that I have such an incredible husband who is going to make the best dad, and that we are finally going to have our baby together! I am just so happy and I feel so blessed! Basically things are going along great! I am still so stunned and overwhelmed by the fact that we are finally going to have a baby. We have waited and I was pretty discouraged. Bedsides that, I am having a baby with the most wonderful man in the world!

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{Jeff+Elisa} said...

That is so sweet Malori! Congrats again on baby Grub!