Friday, December 5, 2008

Football Update

Ok guys, I went to the game ready to follow the lead of the other Stallion fans, but, sadly, I never needed to know anything about stuff like touchdowns or point scoring at all actually. You see, Jon and I showed up a little bit late - ok, it was half time when we got there, but don't worry guys we hadn't missed anything - in fact our team hadn't scored at all, but the other team had scored 30 points! 
Well, I am sad to say that the second half didn't get any better. One of our players got kicked out of the game (we think it was because of a comment to the referee) and one of their guys got hurt so he was out for the game too. 
The ending score was 52 to 3 - in the last couple minutes one of our guys did this thing where he kicked the ball and it went between the posts and we got 3 points (sorry, I can't remember the technical football term for that cool move, but it was a really great kick - even I could tell that!)
There were 2 big problems that caused this loss:
1) Three of our best players were suspended this week and were therefore not allowed to play in the game - dumb kids getting suspended right before the state game!!
2) The other team's players were twice as big as all of our little skinny guys - I mean, our guys would be hanging on them and the guys kept running. One time, one of our guys was holding on to a big-o-boys britches and the big-o-boy swung him around in a circle - our guy was completely off of the ground!!
Don't worry everyone - the night was not a complete loss - I learned some very important football terms - here is are my new vocabulary words:
End Zone: the part of the field where you run to get a touchdown (which is a word I already knew, yes, be impressed!)
Sack: When the quarterback gets tackled by a bunch of big-o-guys before he gets to throw the ball and they lose yards.
Running Back: The guy that catches the ball when the quarterback throws it
Even though our team didn't even come close to taking the State Championship - everyone was full of Stallions spirit right up until the end. They were rooting and cheering and pretty supportive all the way. And we still get to bring a slightly smaller trophy home to our school to proudly display in the office for all to see.
Yay Stallions!!!! #2 in the State for Division 1 schools!!! (pretty nifty title huh?)

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Corinne said...

So fun you have a blog! I will now officially be staking you :) Sorry your team lost last night. I have to say I'm in the same boat you are as far as knowing what's up with football. I also went to every high school football game, believe it or not was even a cheerleader, and the running joke was that every week my dad would ask me who won and what the score was at the end of the game and I could never tell him. Football is just not for us girls. :)