Friday, December 12, 2008

My Talented Husband

Now I hate to brag (ok, I don't hate it that much) but my husband is the most talented guy on the face of the planet. Not only does my husband play the guitar and sing, write his own music, know how to grow Saline Sweet Corn (the best sweet corn in the world!), still hold the pull up record at Snowflake High School (and he graduated 10 years ago), have such a quick wit and knack for making people laugh, and go to law school, he is also the most amazing wood turner you have ever seen in your life!!! Now, he is so humble and will not admit that he is so great, but if you check out his web site ( you will see his artwork.
Here is one example of the talent that he has. He took a piece of wood from my parents wood pile out back and turned it into these beautiful bookends for my dad for his Birthday:

Aren't they beautiful!!!
I can't help but gush and gush over the amazing man I am so blessed to be with for the rest of forever!
Plus he is really really handsome!!!
I am sooooo lucky!!!


Laurie said...

Oh my gosh, those are AWESOME! Jon did a fabulous job! He is amazing... Does he still keep in touch with Mr. Caldwell? I'm sure he'd LOVE to see that Jon's still turning... that's great!

Also, I didn't know that he STILL held the record at SHS. I knew him back then... he was so ripped, it was CRAZY! It would make Kirk NUTS, how muscley and strong his friends were, and he just didn't have the muscle mass. Wow, 10 years later and he still holds the record. That's so cool!

Tara Victoria said...

Hey sorry it took me a bit to write you back!! I had finals and everything was pretty crazy for a little while and I didn't get on here much!
First, I will say, those book ends are absolutely amazing! Your husband is very talented! You guys look very happy and that is awesome. I'm happy for you. =) Adorable couple.
Yes, me and my boyfriend Kyle have been together for just about 2 years. I am extremely happy. He's my other half for sure!
Yes, Randy is actually moving in with us tomorrow which is super exciting! Anyway, send me your number or something and we will definitely have to get together! It's so good to hear from you! I hope you guys are enjoying your holidays and hopefully I will talk with you soon.