Friday, February 20, 2009

Down By The Creek

First of all, just know that I can't figure out how to take the underline off of this, so just stick with me. Hee hee hee!
Anyways, a couple of weekends ago Jon and I went home to Taylor to visit with Mom and Dad Saline. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they were babysitting our nephews Kaleb and Keagan for the weekend!
By the time we got there they boys had spent most of the day working with Grandpa in the trenches on the farm. They were already dirty and bundled up, so we decided to take them out to the creek and give Grandpa a chance to clean up.
Here are some pictures of how the day went!

Here is Kaleb thinking he is going to drive the ol' truck.

He couldn't quite reach the peddles, so we decided to let Jon drive. Look at him with the farm behind him, driving an old farm truck - he was totally in his element!
The boys walking to the creek
We finally found the bridge!
Kaleb really wanted to get away and throw more sticks in the water!
But we talked him into looking at the camera so we could "show Mommy and Daddy how they look on the bridge"
Look! We found a rope swing!
The rope swing was hanging on a great tree that you can literally crawl in the middle of!
The boys loved climbing around in there, but Kaleb was all about peeking out for pictures!
Finally Kegan peeked out with a big smile!!
Next in our adventure, we found giant concrete tunnels that Jon says are called culverts - I don't know what they are used for besides walking through, but I'm sure they have an actual purpose.
I will let you know when I know.
Here is Kaleb, he is saying, "Cheese!"
I am so glad Jon was there to help me get the boys to look at the camera! They were very distracted by how fun the tunnels were!
Ok, it's time to head home. The boys were getting tired after a hard days work and all of the exploring!
Back home and cleaned up, Kaleb decides to try on some headphones. I don't know what he is listening to......but he must like it! Look at that smile!

All clean and in our PJ's! What a great day!

We had so much fun with the boys! Thanks for letting us play with them Shaunalee!

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Corinne said...

Looks like fun. How did we end up with these boys who are such farm kids, but have ended up in these totally opposite jobs! You guys are too cute.