Thursday, February 19, 2009

New and Different

Valentine's Day brought a desire for some change. Not giant life changes - I am actually really happy in my life - just something small. You girls will understand what I mean.
So my sweetie took me to get my hair done.
I went to this sweet little salon called Mood Swings (I don't know any salons down here so, thanks to google I went to this place) and they were so sweet.
They handed me a cup of tea (which I politely refused) while I waited. When they sat me down the girl gave me a head and neck massage, then she washed my hair, gave me a hand massage while my head rested under a warm washcloth. Then she did the cut and style - and then she even fixed my make-up before I left!! It was really a great experience!
Anyways, I decided to trust the girl and I let her just do what she thought would be best. She did some cute little layers all over, but the most drastic change are the bangs!!!
I didn't think I would like them, but I actually do! Jon really likes them too!
So here is a picture of the new hair - in this picture it is pulled up in a pony, but you can see the exciting bangs!!

Talk about new and different!!


Rob and Kimmie said...

I LOVE bangs, and I definately LOVE them on you! You look adorable, so stylish!

Shellee said...

I saw you on Sunday and was going to tell you how wonderful you looked, but I didn't get the chance. I really like your hair.

Terra Lynn said...

Wow! Bangs huh? I thought you would never get bangs again. I can't wait to see it in person, and hopefully that can be soon! I miss you both.
Love you

Brenden+Nikki said...

They look awesome! So so cute and a great way to have a new look!